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Why Choose Oil-Free Products?

Posted by Ellie Swain on Nov 9th 2021

Why Choose Oil-Free Products?

We all dream of having a clear, fresh complexion without having to invest too much time and effort in maintaining it. But for those with oily, acne-prone skin, achieving blemish-free skin proves more of a challenge.

If you can relate, the chances are you’ve spent plenty of time researching and browsing for products to meet your needs.

But have you considered oil-free products? Oil-free formulas can help improve the condition of oily and acne-prone complexions as they’re usually lightweight and fast-absorbing.

Plus, despite popular belief, oil-free products aren’t just beneficial for those with oily skin.

To learn more about the host of benefits oil-free products offer, keep reading.

Prevents Shine

Of course, the number one benefit of oil-free products is that they prevent the application of extra oil on your skin. This reduces shine and sheen and, ultimately, breakouts.

Our skin is the largest organ of our body and is incredibly complex. Unfortunately, for some of us, our skin overproduces oil, leading to clogged pores which means one thing: the dreaded acne.

While those with oily skin may be tempted to ditch the moisturizer, this isn’t a good idea. When we skip the moisturizer, our skin tries to help us out by producing extra moisture from our sebaceous oil glands. As you can imagine, this leads to even more breakouts – nightmare.

Believe it or not, hydrating your skin can actually help oily skin produce less oil. By choosing an oil-free moisturizer, you can balance your skin, stopping an increase in oil.


It’s possible to find a moisturizer that isn’t thick or heavy but still works wonders for your skin. Oil-free moisturizers tend to absorb much quicker than many oil-based formulas, which can feel heavy and uncomfortable on the skin.

This is because many oil-free moisturizers contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid instead of oils that deliver intense hydration to the skin quickly without clogging pores.

That also means you can spend less time waiting around for your moisturizer to sink in before makeup application – it’s a win-win.

We love the Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster. The oil-free hydrating fluid relieves dryness and the appearance of fine lines.

The formula is packed with ingredients including hyaluronic acid, panthenol, glycolipids, and algae extract to help restore moisture and reduce the appearance of fine dehydration lines.

To use the fluid concentrate, use before, or mix with your current moisturizer to boost hydration. It can also be applied directly to dry areas.

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Hydration is essential if you want gorgeous, youthful-looking skin. With a lack of hydration, complexions can become dull, saggy, and tired-looking, thanks to a decline in collagen. And most of us know that collagen is an essential structural protein responsible for keeping the skin plump and tightened.

Choose a mask loaded with hyaluronic acid or a serum teeming with vitamin C instead of a product full of oil. And then voila - plump skin is what you’ll get.

Instead of clogging up pores with products packed with oil, opt for formulas with skin-loving ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, or vitamin C for firm and plump skin.

Can Protect the Skin

Eating a healthy, varied diet with clean and whole foods, along with using the right skincare products, goes a long way toward achieving a bright and healthy complexion.

However, many of us seem to forget that when we step outside the front door every day, we’re exposing our skin to damaging free radicals like harmful and aging UV rays from the sun, air pollution, and wind.

That’s why it’s essential to protect our complexions when heading outdoors. An oil-free moisturizer or sunscreen that’s rich in vitamins and nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin E, green tea, and aloe vera helps protect your skin against these pollutants.

Plus, an oil-free sunscreen is light and easy to apply. This is especially compared to the many thick, heavy options on the market.

We’re a fan of the Dermalogica Clear Start Clearing Defense SPF 30 moisturizer . The shine-reducing product takes care of breakout-prone skin from environmental stress.

The ultra-lightweight formula delivers a long-lasting matte finish without clogging pores whenever you step foot out of the house. The product’s patented TT technology works well with the skin’s natural microbiome, and natural tapioca helps to lessen shine.

Other star ingredients include willow bark extract, green tea extract, and vitamin C to fight against the unwanted effects of pollution on breakout-prone skin. The broad-spectrum sunscreen also protects against UV rays, which can contribute to an uneven skin tone.

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