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Are your hands dry and cracked? Are fine lines appearing on your face? Check out our moisturizers and regain the youthful allure you miss.

The problem with many skincare products is they can be harsh and abusive to your skin over time. Skin Elite™ has a wide array of creams and moisturizers that rejuvenate your skin and promote skin health without all the harsh chemicals you’ll find in other brands.

As a person ages, your skin loses its suppleness and becomes sensitive to dryness and the impact of Mother Mature. You’ll notice fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth and eyes. Your hands once soft are now dry and cracked.

Don’t let your active lifestyle and environment prematurely age you. These skincare creams and moisturizers will eliminate those fine lines and wrinkles you’ve been seeing over the past few years. Your skin will regain its youthful allure and texture.

We carry only the finest brands. Each one vetted for quality and has a reputation for using only the finest ingredients and being at the forefront of skincare technology. Many of these companies have revolutionized aspects of the industry and we’re proud to provide you with these brands.

You’ll see products from Atzen, Avene, Babor, and Credentials. These creams nourish and repair your skin and improve texture and feel. We have brands perfect for normal skin but include sensitive and mature skin.

Your skin needs hydration, but many people forget about it until they’re skin is dry and cracking. Our creams and moisturizers can help people with dry skin, oily skin and so much more. They’re made from only natural ingredients and many are free of paraben and fragrances.

If you’re tired of looking in the mirror and seeing someone prematurely aged in front of you, then check out our numerous products. You won’t be disappointed.

Skin Elite™ wants you to have the best skin possible so take your time and peruse our many options. You’ll be surprised at all we have to offer.


Avene A-Oxitive Water Cream 1 fl oz


Advanced complex of time-released Vitamin C and E precursors neutralize free radicals caused by environmental and lifestyle stressors. Lightweight water-cream is rich in hydrating agents and enhanced with mother-of-pearl for a radiant, illuminated glow...


Avene Cicalfate HAND 3.3 fl oz


This technologically advanced restorative hand cream restores and brings relief to dry, cracked hands. Lasts through 5 hand washings. Helps restore and protect very dry and cracked hands Helps replenish the skin's cutaneous barrier Creamy, nourishing...

Avene Cleanance Emulsion 1.35 fl oz


Avene Cleanance Emulsion 1.35 fl oz


This lightweight, oil-free moisturizer for oily and blemish-prone skin absorbs oil, calms redness and irritation and provides long lasting mattification. Lightweight and oil-free moisturizer Helps reduce excess oil production Provides long-lasting...


Avene Cold Cream 1.3 fl oz


Rich and creamy, Cold Cream is formulated with the purest ingredients to offer intense hydration, maintain the skin's suppleness, and soothe the drying effects of environmental aggressors. Provides intense hydration and seals in moisture Helps nourish...


Avene Hydrance AQUA-GEL 1.6 fl oz


This hydrating aqua cream-in-gel is an all-in-one, hydration powerhouse that strengthens skin's natural moisturizing and protective barrier leaving skin intensely hydrated, dewy and smooth. Can be used as a daily moisturizer, overnight mask and along the...


Avene RetrinAL 0.05 Cream 1 fl oz


Clinically shown to visibly reduce signs of aging while refining and rejuvenating the skin. Enriched with an anti-oxidant and a synergy of powerful ingredients to plump the skin and reduce the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles for a more youthful...

Avene RetrinAL DAY Cream 1.0 fl oz


Avene RetrinAL DAY Cream 1 fl oz


This rich, wrinkle concealing cream with micro-pearlescent agents reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles while providing suppleness and comfort. Enhanced with a powerful anti-oxidant and exclusive ingredients to balance skin tone and provide lifting and...


Avene Skin Care Oil 3.3 fl oz


Multi-purpose dry oil helps nourish and enhance skin radiance, while providing antioxidant protection. Non-greasy, non-sticky formula quickly absorbs into the skin for a silky touch and long-lasting hydration. Can also be used on hair for added...


Avene Tolerance Extreme Cream 1.6 fl oz


Rich, non-greasy texture allows for optimal fusion with the skin. Delivering soothing and moisturizing properties in a rapidly absorbing cream. Provides 6 hours of hydration in only 7 essential ingredients. Formulated without any preservatives, parabens...