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Poolside Problems for Summertime Skin Plus Tips to Solve Them

Posted by Nikki Wisher on Jun 28th 2022

Poolside Problems for Summertime Skin Plus Tips to Solve Them

Summer is here, everyone! The season of spending our free days lounging by the pool or bobbing around in the water with a drink in hand has officially begun. As beautiful as those poolside days can be, we all know that our skin doesn’t appreciate them as much as we do.

Does that mean you need to hang up your swimsuits and inner tubes? No, but it does mean we should all take some precautions and have strategies on hand to deal with the summertime challenges our skin faces. Consider this to be your guide to solving each of the top summer skin problems.

Sweat-Induced Body Acne

Let’s just agree to stop putting a stigma on sweating, shall we? When it’s hot, we sweat – it’s how our bodies work and quite frankly, it’s a pretty cool built-in A/C. Sweat does have its downsides though. Namely, it leaves behind residue on your skin that gets stuck in your pores and creates clogs. That’s why you might wake up the day after a sweaty workout or a hot day by the pool to find body acne.

The solution: acne-specific body wash . A body wash that’s formulated to break up clogs can help you keep your skin clear this summer. It’s also important to shower with that body wash as soon as possible after a sweaty workout or a sweat-filled afternoon of sun worshipping.

Sun Exposure

We all know that sun exposure spells problems for our skin both medically and cosmetically. Not only do we all want to avoid skin cancer but no one wants premature aging or leathery sun-damaged skin either. At the same time, sunscreen isn’t everyone’s favorite because it often leaves a white cast which isn’t exactly great for poolside selfies.

The solution: sheer sunscreen . Choose a sunscreen that’s specifically designed to be transparent on your skin and doesn’t leave behind white residue. Remember, though, that sunscreen has a time limit, so reapply it regularly according to the instructions on the bottle.

Dry Skin

Most people associate dry skin with winter because the winter air is so dry that it evaporates the moisture from your skin. Doesn’t that mean your skin should have plenty of hydration during the summer when the air is humid? Au contraire, mon frere.

In fact, summertime can deliver a one-two punch that dries your skin. First, the skin tends to pull moisture out of your skin, so if you’re spending considerable time in the sun, it will have a drying effect. Second, if you’re taking a dip in a chlorine-treated pool, the chlorine opens your pores and dries up your natural oils, leaving your skin even drier.

The solution: gentle body lotion . Get into the habit of applying a hydrating body lotion regularly this summer to counteract the drying effect. Choose a lotion that’s designed for sensitive skin because chlorine also makes skin more prone to irritation.

Sun-Induced Hyperpigmentation

Have you ever peeked in the mirror during the warmer months and thought, “Where did those brown spots come from?” or “When did that patch become so dark?” You’re not imagining things.

When you’re spending more time out in the sun, it makes just about any brown spot on your skin get darker. That includes hormone-induced hyperpigmentation called melasma as well as any age spots and even freckles.

The solution: pigment correction products . There are a variety of serums and products out there that are designed to even out your complexion and reduce any overly darkened areas. Of course, make sure you’re also wearing a sunscreen daily so you’re minimizing the problem from the start.


We’ve all had a sunburn or two in our lives. Even if you’re in the habit of wearing sunscreen daily, there are bound to be times when you get a mild sunburn anyway.

The solution: soothing reparative products . If a sunburn happens, you want something to reduce the discomfort and inflammation. Aloe is a popular choice, but a reparative mist can be particularly helpful because you don’t have to rub it onto your painful skin as you do with a lotion or gel.

Keeping Your Skin Healthy and Beautiful This Summer

This summer, embrace the season of the sun and live your best life, whether that involves floating in a pool, basking on the beach, or hitting the grass for a game of kickball. No matter how you spend your summer, the tips above can help you do it all with healthier, happier skin.