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How to Keep Makeup Looking Fresh All Day

Posted by Ellie Swain on Oct 30th 2020

How to Keep Makeup Looking Fresh All Day

We’ve all been there. After a frantic workday rushing around the office you peek into the bathroom mirror and your eyeliner is smeared and your foundation is flaking off your face.

While you spent time trying to perfect your look at the crack of dawn, your makeup now looks messy and unkempt. It’s not a good look.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to prep and prime your skin to avoid a makeup meltdown later on in the day.

Read on to discover our tips and tricks for fresh-looking makeup that lasts all day – no top-ups required! This time your makeup isn’t going anywhere.

Exfoliate for Effortless Application

When applying makeup, the texture is so important for longevity. Makeup won’t look smooth if the surface it sits on isn’t smooth and foundation and concealer can easily flake off or appear cakey on rough skin.

That’s why exfoliating regularly is so important for smooth, dewy skin that’s ready for makeup application each morning. With a more even texture of the skin, you’ll not only require less coverage, but your makeup will last longer without cracking or peeling off. Say hello to a fresh new canvas!

Revision Skincare's Exfoliating Facial Rinse is a fantastic solution for combatting impurities and smoothing out the skin. Use every morning and evening before applying moisturizer for the best results.

Cool Down

When prepping for the day ahead, many of us make the mistake of applying our makeup as soon as we jump out of a hot shower, especially if we’re in a rush for work.

However, applying foundation onto hot and damp skin straight after showering is a recipe for disaster and is the best way to create a cakey application. When makeup is applied on a warm, sweaty face, it will only end up melting away leaving a sticky and untidy finish.

Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier so you can allow your skin some time to cool down post-shower. If you’re usually pushed for time in the morning, you can always use the 10 minutes to complete another task, such as prepping breakfast.

Likewise, you should also give moisturizer a chance to absorb into the skin before applying the rest of your makeup.

Prime for Perfection

One of the most effective ways of keeping makeup looking fresh is by investing in a good primer. If you haven’t got one yet, now’s the time to jump on the bandwagon!

A primer seals in your moisturizer and provides a smooth barrier surface for foundation and other makeup products. You’ll be surprised how easily makeup glides onto skin with the help of a quality face primer. Primer also prevents makeup from absorbing deep into the skin, offering great staying power.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Anti-Aging Primer not only works as a base for flawless makeup application, but it also combats aging and adds brightness and luminosity to the skin.

Waterproof Mascara Is the Way Forward

There are some days when, unfortunately, our mascara decides to run riot. Perhaps it’s a hot sweaty day in the summer, or maybe you had a bad day and had to have a little cry.

It ends up smeared on our eyelids, smudged under our eyes, or flaking in the corners.

Beat panda eyes by opting for a waterproof mascara formula that refuses to budge even if you cry buckets or jump right into a swimming pool.

There are plenty of quality options on the market, and you can even stick with your favorite non-waterproof formula if you’re brand loyal as there are plenty of topcoats available that can make any mascara waterproof.

Team your waterproof solution with  Revitalash's Aquablur Eye Gel Primer which not only improves the appearance of tired eyes but also works like an eyelid primer. Say goodbye to black blotchy eyelids!

No Touching!

We know, you’ve heard it all before. But one of the most effective and simplest ways of keeping makeup looking fresh is avoiding touching your face throughout the day.

What do you think happens when you rub your eyes, perfectly coated with a liner? Or when you wipe your flawless red-lipsticked pout?

While it’s difficult to completely avoid touching our faces, you should try your best not to, so your makeup application has the best chance at remaining as flawless as possible.

Not only do we wipe away and rub off makeup by touching our faces, but we also encourage the spread of germs, viruses, and allergens which can lead to unwanted breakouts. And that’s not what we want hiding underneath our makeup!

Even if you invest in high-quality products with long-lasting staying power, even the finest beauty products will budge with constant interference.

Ditch out of Date Products

It’s easy to hold on to makeup products that have passed their expiry date, especially if they cost a fair amount or you believe you want to use it again. But applying old, expired products won’t help your makeup stay fresh, it will do the opposite.

To keep your makeup looking fresh, you’ll need your collection of products to be fresh too.

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