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Easy Hacks for Super-Smooth Skin

Posted by Ellie Swain on Oct 30th 2020

Easy Hacks for Super-Smooth Skin

We all know that we should remove makeup before bed and should drink plenty of water for healthy and hydrated skin. But what about all the other little tips and tricks we can do to improve skin?

Life hacks make things so much easier, and skincare certainly isn’t exempt to that rule.

In addition to your regular skincare regimen, there are plenty of secret skincare hacks you can adopt for super smooth and glowing skin.

The best part? Many of these beauty tips and tricks don’t cost a single cent. It seems sometimes the best things in life really are free! Here are our favorite easy hacks for super-smooth skin.

Massage for Magnificent Skin

Is your face feeling a little puffy and dehydrated? Then it may be time for a massage… a face massage!

In the South Korean beauty world, locals swear by face massages. And while skin care clinics in South Korea offer facial massages down the block, luckily, we can all give our skin a bit of TLC when it comes to facial massaging.

You may feel silly doing it, but you’ll soon find your skin becoming plumper and smoother after regular face massages. You’ll be having the last laugh in the end!

Massage your face using not only circular motions with your fingers but also by tapping in revolving motions. Start on the forehead, then the cheekbones, cheeks, and work down to the jawbone.

Your handiwork will increase circulation of the blood, resulting in a dewy complexion. Too easy!

For the best results, tend to your skin after a hot steaming shower and use an oil cleanser for maximum hydration.

BABOR Hy-Ol’s Cleanser is created with pure herbal ingredients and is suitable for all skin types, making it a fabulous choice for those finger massages.

Switch to a Silk Pillowcase

Are you constantly tossing and turning on your pillowcase during the night? Then the creases in your pillows may be contributing to the creases in your skin.

To ward off wrinkles, the best bet is to invest in a silk pillowcase. While it may sound pricey for what it is, not only do silk pillowcases prevent wrinkles but they also keep your nighttime skincare products from escaping your skin. With a silk pillowcase, you know that your routine is working at its optimum best.

Oh, and another plus is that silk pillowcases make your hair shinier too. It’s a win-win situation!

Whatever pillowcase you use, make sure you wash it often, at least once a week. Pillowcases seep with dirt, oil, and bacteria from our faces and hair that soak into them as we sleep, making them a breeding ground for acne.

Air Dry Skin

While it’s tempting to give your face a little dab with your towel after a shower or bath, this is a huge no-no. Again, towels collect bacteria and dirt and by drying your skin with a dirty towel you’re simply transferring all that bacteria straight onto your freshly washed face.

Even if it’s a clean and dry towel, it’s still not recommended to use to dry your face as many of the harsh chemicals found in towels and cleaning products can linger and damage our delicate skin.

Instead, let your skin air dry after showering. It might take a little longer, but it’s sure to be worth it.

Follow the Ten Second Rule

Or if you’re quick enough, follow the ten-second rule when you hop out of the shower. No, this isn’t a rule about food being dropped to the ground!

Instead, the rule recommends applying toner and moisturizer within ten seconds of leaving the shower – even if your skin is still damp.

Why so quickly, you may ask? Well, the steam from the shower or the warm water opens your pores, allowing them to soak in your favorite skincare products more easily. As a result, your skincare routine will be more effective.

Sleep in an Overnight Mask

Did you know that your skin cells do their hardest work at cell recovery as you sleep? That means this is the best time to put products to use on skin so it can soak up all the goodness overnight!

An intensive sleeping mask or smoothing cream will soak into your skin all night, working to combat any dullness. When you wake up, you’ll be left with fresh and dewy skin, ready to start the day.

We love NeoCutis’ Bio Cream Overnight Smoothing Cream that works to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as you snooze. Simply pop on before bedtime and let the cream work its magic after-dark.

Make Every Drop Count

It’s always annoying when your favorite moisturizer or toner is running low, and you can’t reach into the nooks and crannies of the container to lift the last precious drops. Or, when you end up squeezing a tube with all your might for the last bit of formula.

While it’s easy to toss out skincare and beauty products when the remaining product seems out of reach, it’s a waste of quality skincare. After all, great products don’t usually come cheap!

Instead of throwing money away, purchase a mini silicone spatula. Not only will it reach far into corners and bends where a pump can’t, but it will also scrape off far more product than your fingers could manage.

And if your product comes in a tube, simply cut off the end to reach the last remaining product.

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