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How To Shorten Your Skincare Routine

Posted by Ellie Swain on Oct 30th 2020

How To Shorten Your Skincare Routine

We’re all guilty of staying up too late now and then. However, while you may love catching an episode of your latest binge-watch at the time, it’s your skin that will suffer from a lack of shuteye.

It’s easy to promise yourself that you’ll catch a full eight hours of sleep every night, but we can’t always guarantee an early night – especially if your favorite TV show is on!

The solution? Learn how to shorten your skincare routine both morning and night. That way, if you do hit the snooze button a few too many times in the morning, you’ll have less work to put in!

Ready for a game-changer? Let’s discover the best ways to shorten your skincare routine.

Organize Products like a Pro

The first step to reducing your routine time is to organize all your skincare products in one place.

This means instead of darting from your vanity to the shower, to the sink searching for the right product, you’ll have them all neatly in one place. Bonus points if you lay out each product in order of use!

With all your skincare products within easy reach, you’ll find that your routine is streamlined both morning and night. This is especially helpful on those tiring nights you can barely keep your eyes open.

Remove Makeup with Micellar Water

While it can be tempting to roll into bed on those nights you’re feeling knackered, it’s so important to remove makeup and cleanse your skin before bed. It may seem like a quick fix at the time, but if you avoid removing makeup and dirt from your face, you’re increasing the chance of a breakout on your skin. In the days following, you’ll have to spend more time on your skincare routine to try to clear your skin. Plus, who wants makeup stained bedsheets?

And if your bathroom’s always busy in the mornings and evenings? No fret – simply cleanse your skin twice-daily with micellar water. It’s a simple yet effective no-rinse formula – so no sink is necessary! Saturate a cotton pad with a micellar water product of choice and wipe your face until it’s completely clean. Voila – that’s all it takes!

La Roche-Posay's Micellar Water Ultra is a robust and effective formula that will remove all traces of makeup while leaving your skin feeling cool and refreshed.

There's Magic in Multi-Tasking Products

Just because you’re shortening your skincare routine, it doesn’t mean you need to skimp on the quality of your routine.

Instead, you can invest in fine skincare products that are designed to combat more than one job. These nifty beauty essentials sometimes allow you to skip a couple of steps in your routine – how’s that for timesaving?

Not sure which multi-tasking products to choose? A great place to start is by choosing a skin moisturizer that contains SPF. That way, you can avoid having to slather on two different lotions and having to wait for them to settle into your skin each time. Depending on the coverage you’re seeking, there are plenty of different moisturizers on the market with a variety of different levels of coverage available.

To moisturize, protect your skin from the sun’s rays, and to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Dermalogica's Powerbright Moisturizer SPF50 is the product for you. With a high coverage of SPF50, it delivers maximum protection from the sun while keeping your skin hydrated and supple.

Not a fan of heavy foundation? Then go for a facial primer that’s tinted.

While primer may be a popular pick when choosing skincare products to ditch from your routine, we wouldn’t recommend it. After all, a primer preps your skin for the rest of your makeup and allows other products to absorb more easily. Plus, you don’t need to top up your makeup much during the day when using a primer.

And a tinted primer? Not only will it provide a smooth base for your makeup, but it will also even your skin tone and cover blemishes and redness without caking your skin.

Dermalogica's Porescreen Mineral Sunscreen SPF 40 is a triple-duty product that works as a primer, contains SPF40, and tints your skin for a flawless finish. That’s one way to save time on your skincare routine!

Schedule Face Mask Sessions on Weekends

More time-consuming parts of your skincare routine are best left to weekends when you have plenty of time at home to yourself.

This includes using a face mask as you’ll need to sit back and relax for the product to work its magic. When you’ve got the time, lie down for 20 minutes with the  Tuel's Detox Clay Mask. This invigorating mask helps clean and tighten pores while reaching deep into the skin to combat blackheads.

On weeknights when you’re more time-constrained, focus on cleansing your skin quickly but as thoroughly as possible.

Don’t forget that one of the best treatments for repairing skin is sleep, so make sure you get enough shuteye as you can!

And if your skin’s still looking tired? Here are 11 ways to beautiful skin & youthful eyes.