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Beauty Traditions from Around the World

Posted by Ellie Swain on Oct 30th 2020

Beauty Traditions from Around the World

While we have plenty of popular beauty rituals here in the USA, it’s always fascinating to learn of the beauty secrets women from all around the world have to share. Some even end up being so effective that they end up incorporated into our beauty regimes. We’re looking at you, coconut oil.

It’s always fun to experiment with a new beauty idea, and you never know – you may discover a skincare secret that works well for you.

From facial massages in South Korea to the use of rose oil in Bulgaria, we’ve rounded up some exciting beauty traditions from around the world for you to try. Have fun!

Saunas in Latvia

One beauty tradition in Latvian culture is heading to the sauna for a detox. However, it’s probably not like the saunas we’re used to, where we lie back and soak in the bubbly waters of a hot tub or enjoy a relaxing oily massage.

In a traditional Latvian sauna, visitors typically lie or sit on a hard bench in a hot and steamy room. Then, a bath broom or whisk is used to gently massage your skin. Depending on the qualities of your skin, the brooms are made from different branches and leaves.

For example, a birch branch will soothe and regenerate skin, and oak will help to reduce the moisture in oily skin. It sounds like quite the sauna experience!

Acai Berries in Brazil

Rich in vitamins A, B, C, and E, acai berries are considered a beauty staple in Brazil and work to combat aging.

Not only are they eaten, but Brazilians often use them as a cream or lotion for their skin after smashing them together and rubbing the juice together.

It seems like the beauty industry has caught on, and today there are many skincare products on the market formulated with acai berries.

This includes the GlyMed Plus Chocolate Masque, which delivers superior restorative benefits to boost circulation. This results in skin that’s firmer, more lifted, and brighter. In addition to acai, the formula includes a whole host of other skin-boosting ingredients such as antioxidants and cocoa extract.

Facial Massages in South Korea

In South Korea, it’s just as important how you apply skincare products as to what you choose to put on your face.

This includes the art of massaging skincare products into the skin for optimal effect. Working in moisturizer and facial oils into the face in circular motions allows the pores to open and soak up all the goodness of the ingredients. When it comes to technique, the best method is to focus on one area of the face at a time, applying pressure to ensure that the product sinks into the skin well.

With a natural facelift, once you’re ready to apply makeup you’ll have an even better finish.

Argan Oil in Morocco

Here’s one beauty tradition that many of us already know – the use of Argan Oil. This is Morocco’s not so well-kept secret which is used for almost everything and anything.

Argan oil leaves tresses smooth and silky soft, and it also works great as a soothing bath oil and as a rich moisturizer.

For firm, soft, and silky skin, Tuel's Beat The Clock Milk Cleanser certainly does the job. Infused with argan oil, the cleanser nourishes and moisturizes the skin, helping to support its natural barrier and protect it against environmentally induced aging.

Turmeric in India

While we tend to use turmeric for cooking, traditionally in India a Hindu bride uses a turmeric paste to decorate her face and hands during a Haldi wedding ceremony. The use of the turmeric is symbolic, as the color of the paste resembles that of planet Jupiter. Astrologically, this represents prosperity and success.

By using turmeric paste during a Hindu wedding, the belief is that the couple is attracting the planet’s energy.

And the bonus properties? Turmeric is also a fantastic ingredient for glowing skin. The turmeric paste is also used as an all-over facial mask, resulting in dewy and vibrant skin.

Rose Oil in Bulgaria

Did you know that Bulgaria is one of the biggest rose oil exporters in the world? It even has a region named ‘The Rose Valley’. In the month of June, everything is soaked with the sweet aroma and color of roses.

Bulgarian women make full use of this by applying rose water or products featuring rose extracts to their skin before bedtime. As rose water and rose oil are created from a special kind of rose called Rosa Damascena, the rich oils work well to freshen skin and keep it looking and feeling vibrant.

For a beautifully rosy complexion, use  GlyMed's Plus Wrinkle Prescription Masque to moisturize, clear, and calm skin. Packed full of precious rose oils, the formula not only works brilliantly for the skin but smells heavenly too.

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