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Soothe, Refresh & Hydrate Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin doesn't have to be a barrier to an excellent skincare regime. It just means you must take extra care in looking after it to avoid flare-ups and irritation. Here at Skin Elite, we have a vast collection of gentle products to keep sensitive skin hydrated and maintained without bothering it.

Opt for a soothing cleanser to wash away dirt and impurities. Reach for a gentle toner to refresh and vitalize the skin. Follow up with a balancing moisturizer to hydrate and maintain your sensitive skin.

Skin Care Products for Sensitive Skin

Flare-ups and skin irritation can put a real damper on your skin care routine. But don't let sensitivity stop you from taking care of your complexion’s beauty and health. Caring for sensitive skin isn't impossible. It just requires creative thinking, dedication, and gentle products. Skin Elite has professionally made skin care products for sensitive skin that will keep your skin hydrated and healthy without irritating it. Our selection of soothing cleansers, delicate toners, and balancing moisturizers provide gentle yet potent solutions for maintaining your skin. Shop with us today for top-brand, top-quality skin care products for sensitive skin that won't cause nasty reactions.


Revision Papaya Enzyme Cleanser 6.7 fl oz


Papaya Fruit Extract lifts away impurities, gently polishes away dead skin cells, and nourishes skin with vitamins and minerals. Leaves all skin types feeling soft, clean and moisture-balanced. The Papaya Fruit Extract contains Papain, an enzyme that...

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Phyto-C Soothing Cleanser 6.76 fl oz


Phyto-C Soothing Cleanser exfoliates, clarifies and smoothes skin for enhanced radiance. Gently removes make-up and other impurities. Purifies and cleanses difficult to remove surface impurities High concentration of AHAs and BHAs to assist with skin...

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Phyto-C Eye Return Cream 0.5fl oz.


Phyto-C Eye Return Cream 0.5 fl oz


Phyto-C Eye Return Cream relieves puffiness, sagging skin, and dark circles underneath eyes area. Eye Return Cream is designed to hydrate, brighten dark under-eye circles, refine, smooth, provide antioxidant protection and reduce under-eye puffiness. Due...

Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud 5.0 fl oz

Peter Thomas Roth

Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud 5 fl oz

$60.00 $45.00

Purifying, decongesting and hydrating mask with odorless Irish Moor Mud helps draw out dirt, oil and grime as it infuses skin with moisture, vitamins, essential minerals and potent anti-oxidant benefits. ...

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PCA Skin

PCA Skin Hydrating Serum 1 fl oz


A serum containing a specialized blend of antioxidants and moisture-binding ingredients to leave skin soft, plump and hydrated. Provides hydration with a weightless finish Leaves skin soft, plump and hydrated Boosts moisture while decreasing...

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Osmosis Purify - Enzyme Cleanser 1.69 oz


Rid the skin of dirt and toxins while providing a gentle daily exfoliation with citrus enzymes and essential oils for a smooth, radiant finish. Gentle enzymatic exfoliation Rich lather detoxes impurities Refreshes to reveal supple skin Gently massage...

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Obagi 360 Exfoliating Cleanser 5.1fl oz.


Obagi 360 Exfoliating Cleanser 5.1 fl oz

$42.00 $33.60

Obagi 360 Exfoliating Cleanser works to help clear clogged pores that can cause dull, dry, uneven skin. Cleanser works mechanically and chemically to thoroughly clean skin to reveal a soft, smooth, and radiant complexion. Promotes clear pores and a...

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Glytone Exfoliating Serum 5.5 2 oz


Glytone Exfoliating Serum 5.5 - 2 oz


Formulated with 5.5 PFAV™ Glycolic Acid to exfoliate dead skin cells, moisturize and allow for better penetration and efficacy of the other ingredients. Available in 3 increasing concentrations. 5.5 Free Acid Value (PFAV™*) of Glycolic Acid...

GlyMed Plus

GlyMed Plus Daily Smoothing Peel 1 fl oz


This state of the art formula, Regulates, Manages and Removes thousands of micro damaged skin cells safely to reveal smooth, baby soft skin every time! Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles Increases Firmness & Elasticity Anti-Aging Increases...

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GlyMed Plus

GlyMed Plus Cell Science Rosacea Relief 1.76 oz


GlyMed Plus Cell Science Rosacea Relief is a light, therapeutic cream fortified with a proprietary blend of fresh, chemical-free organic compounds that promote skin elasticity. Helps heal long-term damage caused by internal skin...

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EltaMD Laser Enzyme Gel 2 fl oz


Laser Enzyme Gel from EltaMD is a clear, cooling gel that helps skin's natural healing process after non-ablative and mildly ablative laser procedures. EltaMD Laser Enzyme Gel relieves redness, itching and discomfort while hydrating with hyaluronic acid...


Dermaceutic K Ceutic Post-Treatment Cream 1 oz


K Ceutic restores and protects the skin by delivering essential nutrients and a very high SPF 50. Its advanced formula contains a combination of ingredients designed to repair, nourish, protect and soothe the skin.For fragile skin, redness and...

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Cellex-C Fade Away Gel For Sun & Age Spots 0.83oz


Cellex-C Fade Away Gel For Sun & Age Spots 0.83 oz

$72.00 $54.00

A green-tea-colored, oil free, aqueous solution containing the full complement of Cellex-C Complex signature plant glycosides. Dramatically brightens the appearance of age and sun spots using only plant phyto-chemicals. Hydroquinone-free. Contains the...

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BABOR Gentle Peeling 1.69 fl oz


BABOR Gentle Peeling 1.69 fl oz

$32.00 $12.80

Note: This product is at or near expiry. Note: all clearance sales are final. For all skin types. A mild, cream-based facial exfoliant. A gentle mechanical Face Peel, that has a balancing and moisturizing effect on the skin. Yogurt Extracts help to...

DCL Express Waterless Makeup Remover 5.1 oz


DCL Express Waterless Makeup Remover 5.1 oz

$28.00 $14.00

Gently removes even stubborn makeupAn ingenious one-step moisturizing cleanser for all skin types formulated to completely and utterly remove every last trace of makeup, even tenacious waterproof formulations, without water. Infused with moisturizing...

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Phyto-C SuperHeal O-Live Mask 1.67fl oz.


Phyto-C SuperHeal O-Live Mask 1.67 fl oz


Phyto-C SuperHeal O-Live Mask treats your face to something special and luxurious every week. Enriched with SuperHEal Olive Leaf Extract, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera Gel, Kojic Acid and Arbutin. Your face will feel hydrated and nourished...