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7 Amazing Vitamins and Antioxidants You Need In Your Skin Care Routine

Posted by Nikki Wisher on Feb 28th 2023

7 Amazing Vitamins and Antioxidants You Need In Your Skin Care Routine

Nature is incredible when you think about it – all the powerful vitamins and minerals and nutrients that are just naturally part of our ecosystem. It’s no wonder why skin care products made from these nutrients are so powerful. Take antioxidants for example – these little superheroes take up residence in your skin and wait for damaging free radicals to find their way in. When they do, the antioxidants pounce and fight them off before they can do lasting damage.

But what antioxidants and vitamins should you be looking for in your skin care products? Here’s my list of 7 of the most critical must-haves:

Vitamin C

Leave the category of vitamins and antioxidants aside – vitamin C is one of the most powerful skin care ingredients, period. This fabulous vitamin has all the power of other antioxidants – fighting off free radicals – but it does so much more. Vitamin C , AKA ascorbic acid, brightens and evens your skin tone in addition to supporting collagen products for firmer, smoother, younger-looking skin.

Vitamin C is also naturally anti-inflammatory, making it an excellent choice for people with rosacea or just generally sensitive and irritation-prone skin. In fact, it’s one of the only skin care ingredients that’s truly advised for all skin types.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that is able to access and strengthen the deeper layers of your skin rather than just the surface. This oil-soluble vitamin is an expert in reducing the impact of sun exposure, but it’s also particularly well-known for enhancing your skin barrier. With a stronger skin barrier, your skin will be more hydrated and less vulnerable to environmental damage.


Resveratrol is one of those unsung heroes. This antioxidant is unknown to most people but it’s always there getting the job done. Resveratrol is excellent for slowing the breakdown of collagen, so it helps your skin to look younger for longer. It also keeps skin inflammation at bay and helps to lighten and brighten your skin tone, so you can tell your age spots to get packing.

Vitamin A

You’ve probably heard of retinol and know that it’s a powerful tool for anti-aging, but you might not know that it goes by another name: vitamin A. Vitamin A, AKA retinol, speeds up the cell turnover process so your body can replace damaged surface cells with fresh new ones. This enhances your skin’s tone and texture, reduces fine lines, and fades sun damage.


Red wine is known for its antioxidants, and the specific type of antioxidants it has are polyphenols. These plant-based micronutrients do plenty of favors for your body while you sip your merlot, but they also have a great effect in skin care. Topical polyphenols repair and reduce photoaging (premature aging that happens from the sun), ease age spots, and help to protect you from new sun damage.

A word to the wise, though: there are polyphenols in a variety of foods and drinks, like green tea, pomegranates, and of course, red wine. That doesn’t mean it’s effective to just apply those things to your skin. When they’re used in skin products, they’re derived in a specific way that makes them effective for your skin and skips the potentially irritating other ingredients in wine, green tea, and pomegranates.


Selenium is an antioxidant that focuses on doing what antioxidants do best: going head-to-head with free radicals to minimize the damage they can do to your skin. Selenium also, though, can help to reduce acne. It promotes healing within your skin too, so your body can counteract blemishes and other issues more quickly and smoothly.

Coenzyme Q10

Here’s one you’ve probably never heard of, and no shame because the research into its effects in skin care is relatively new. It’s called coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10.

CoQ10 is actually naturally present in your skin, but you have less and less of it as you age. Using topical products with CoQ10 can allow you to reap the youthful benefits for years to come.

And what are those youthful benefits, exactly? CoQ10 preserves the collagen in your skin to make your skin more resistant to lines, wrinkles, and sagging. It also plays a role in repairing sun exposure so it’s perfect for anyone who has a history of sun worshipping and beach combing. CoQ10 even lowers your risk for skin cancer.

Getting Your Essential Nutrients in Your Skin Care Routine

Just like it takes some planning to get all your daily nutrients in your diet, you want to take the time to make sure your skin care routine gives your skin everything it needs. Look for these top vitamins and antioxidants in your skin care products, and if you find that any are missing, you can make a swap or add something new to complete the picture.