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Unleash Moisturizing Magic with NeoCutis Hyalis+ Hydrating Serum

Posted by Nikki Wisher on Nov 19th 2023

Unleash Moisturizing Magic with NeoCutis Hyalis+ Hydrating Serum

It might not *officially* be winter until December 21st but for many of us, the weather seems to have decided that winter starts now. And during winter, there’s one topic that’s a top priority in the skin care world: dry skin. Between the dry winter air and the drying effect that indoor heating has on skin, wintertime can turn anyone’s skin into a desert. Now is the time to prevent it by adding some serious hydration into your skin care routine. For that purpose, let’s talk about NeoCutis Hyalis+ Hydrating Serum.

What Is NeoCutis Hyalis+ Hydrating Serum?

Serums are a category of skin care products that are thin and able to reach deep layers of your skin for strong nourishment. Every serum is formulated to serve a certain purpose, whether that purpose is anti-aging, acne-fighting, or, in the case of NeoCutis Hyalis+ Hydrating Serum, moisturizing.

This particular serum is perfect to give your winter skin care routine the extra hydrating kick it needs. It uses multiple forms of a powerful moisturizing ingredient called sodium hyaluronate to give your skin oil-free hydration. By moisturizing your skin, this serum also makes fine lines and wrinkles less visible because it makes your skin plump and smooth.

What is Unique About NeoCutis Hyalis+ Hydrating Serum?

There are multiple aspects of the NeoCutis Hyalis+ Hydrating Serum that make it special. First, the intensity and effectiveness of the serum put it far above other options. There’s no playing around here – if you have dry skin, this NeoCutis serum will feel like a refreshing glass of water.

Second, NeoCutis Hyalis+ Hydrating Serum is unique because it’s oil-free. Oil is an easy way to moisturize skin, but for people who are acne-prone or who have combination skin that is dry in some areas and oily in others, oil-based moisturizing products aren’t a great fit. They’ll likely just trade one problem (dryness) for another (breakouts). But NeoCutis Hyalis+ Hydrating Serum is oil-free and non-comedogenic so it gives you rich hydration without triggering a breakout. That’s a combination you don’t see often.

Who Can Benefit from NeoCutis Hyalis+ Hydrating Serum?

NeoCutis Hyalis+ Hydrating Serum is marked for all skin types, so truly anyone who’s dealing with dry skin this winter (or any time of the year) can benefit from its invigorating powers. But this serum is especially beneficial for people whose skin doesn’t work well with many other hydrating products like people who have acne-prone skin or combination skin.

Where to Get NeoCutis Hyalis+ Hydrating Serum

With that distinctive winter chill in the air, you don’t want to waste any time restoring your skin’s moisture with a fantastic hydrating serum. Shop Skin Elite to get your NeoCutis Hyalis+ Hydrating Serum delivered to your door.