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Try This Hair Growth Hack: Nutrafol Hair Growth Supplements

Posted by Nikki Washer on Sep 12th 2023

Try This Hair Growth Hack: Nutrafol Hair Growth Supplements

Hair loss is incredibly common among men as they get older, but here’s the dirty secret no one talks about: most women have hair loss with age too. It’s not as noticeable for women because of the pattern it follows, taking the form of a more evenly-spaced hair thinning rather than a bald spot, but it’s there. People of any gender can be self-conscious about hair loss, but you might not be for much longer if you try this popular hair growth hack: Nutrafol hair growth supplements.

What Is Nutrafol?

Nutrafol is a brand that pours all of its expertise into one specialty: oral supplements that promote hair growth. It has a variety of products with different priorities, but it’s best known for its two core products: Nutrafol Men and Nutrafol Women. These products work with your biological hormone profile to give you fuller, healthier hair from within.

How Does Nutrafol Help Your Hair?

Hair loss is a more complex issue than many people think. It’s affected by a variety of causes, like stress and your health, but for your standard male pattern baldness or female pattern hair loss (the type of hair loss that tends to happen with age), it comes down to your hormones. Your body’s hormone balance shifts as you get older, even in early and middle adulthood, and those changes can stop select hair follicles from growing new hair.

Nutrafol is all about stimulating hair growth from the source: within your body. The supplement combats the hormonal effects on your hair follicles along with other internal factors that contribute to hair loss. We’re talking stress, nutrients, the whole kit and caboodle.

What Makes Nutrafol Unique?

Nutrafol might not be the first hair growth supplement you’ve heard of and it certainly won’t be the last. It’s not the same as other products on the market, though.

Most hair health supplements you see on the shelves simply replenish the vitamins and nutrients your body needs to produce stronger, fuller hair, like biotin. While that’s an excellent way to make sure that your body has what it needs for hair growth, most hair loss is hormonal and, unfortunately, will continue even if you have all the nutrients you need.

Nutrafol goes beyond vitamins and more directly protects your hair from the effects of your hormonal changes. It also addresses multiple internal factors in hair loss, giving you a greater chance for strong hair growth. Most notably for men, Nutrafol does this without sexual side effects, which sets it apart from many oral products for hair growth.

Why Are There Different Nutrafol Products for Men and Women?

As I mentioned, Nutrafol’s cornerstone products are Nutrafol Men and Nutrafol Women. Why are there different products for men and women, and what should nonbinary or intersex people use?

The hormonal shifts that happen with age are different for men and women – the hormones that decline with age are different and the effects this has on hair growth are different. This is why Nutrafol has separate products for men and women. If you’re non-binary or intersex, you’ll want to use the product that aligns with your hormones. If you aren’t sure which is the right fit, your doctor may be able to help.


More Hair Growth Hacks You’ll Love

Nutrafol is an excellent tool for getting the healthy, full hair of your dreams, but hair growth tends to work best when you put multiple complementary strategies together. To get even better results from your Nutrafol, check out these other top hair growth hacks.

Avoid Anything That Causes Breakage

Breakage will make already thin hair look thinner and it will make it harder to see and enjoy the results of your Nutrafol regimen. For fuller hair, avoid or minimize habits that can cause breakage, such as:

  • Using heat on your hair (you don’t have to stop this entirely, but minimize it as much as possible, like allowing your hair to air dry instead of using a blow dryer)
  • Rubbing your hair with a towel to pre-dry it (it’s better to wrap the towel around your hair and squeeze, not rub)
  • Using box hair color and other potentially damaging chemical processes

If you’re still having breakage despite following healthy hair habits, talk to your hairstylist about what they recommend for your hair.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Sorry to all the “girl dinner” fans out there, but nutritious food plays a role in your hair growth. Producing hair is a process like any other within your body, and your body needs the right ingredients (AKA nutrients) to create healthy hair. Eating a balanced diet, and being especially mindful that you’re taking in enough protein, will ensure that you’re giving your body everything it needs to support hair growth.

As I mentioned, your nutrition won’t stop hormonal hair loss. It will, though, take away one contributing factor that could make hormonal hair loss worse.

Add Topical Hair Health Products

Oral supplements and products can make a powerful difference for fuller hair, and so can some topical hair products, but the real magic happens when you combine the two. Taking Nutrafol along with using topical products that support hair growth and hair health. Try the RevitaLash Thickening Conditioner, for example, or the Peter Thomas Roth Mega-Rich Conditioner.

Enhancing Your Hair with the Help of Nutrafol

Hair loss and hair thinning are entirely natural and it’s nothing to be ashamed of, but you don’t have to accept it as it comes if you don’t want to. Nutrafol and other hair growth hacks can help you retain and refresh your lovely locks, so give them a try for yourself.