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Tips for Giving The Gift of Skin Care

Posted by Nikki Wisher on Nov 25th 2020

Tips for Giving The Gift of Skin Care

It’s that time of year, folks! We’re all finding mysterious glitter in surprising places and everywhere you go, there’s the faint sound of Mariah Carey singing in the background. No matter what holidays you celebrate or how you’re celebrating in this COVID-19-ravaged year, one thing unifies almost all of us: gift shopping.

If you’re hunting for the perfect gift for someone who loves to look their best, skin care products could be the perfect solution. As someone who’s been on both the giving and receiving ends, I can tell you the right skin care present is well-loved. Notice I said “the right skin care gift,” though. Use these tips to make the most of any skin care gift.

Go Sleuthing

It can be tough to know which products a person will like best, so pull out your magnifying glass and get into detective mode. If you have access to the person’s skin care stash, check out which products they use and love. If you don’t have that access, ask for a favor from someone who does, like their significant other or roommate.

Create a Themed Kit

Have a little fun with your gift by making a DIY gift kit that fits a particular theme. For example, make a manicure kit filled with hand exfoliants, hand rejuvenating creams, elbow ointment, and other products. No one says your gift basket has to have skin care products alone, too. Fill out that manicure kit with nail polishes and nail tools for example.

Truth be told, you don’t always have time for a personally-curated, hand-decorated gift basket, though. For more of a turnkey gift, buy a pre-packaged skin care kit with multiple paired products.

Opt for Special Treats

Everyone has their own gift-giving strategy and some people like giving gifts that the person will love but wouldn’t necessarily spend their own money on. There’s something special about giving someone a luxury they’d normally talk themselves out of splurging on.

That’s a great strategy for skin care gifts. Try a pampering and decadent product like a high-quality face maskthat’s perfect for some relaxing self-care.

Consider Related Accessories

If you have someone on your list who loves skin care products but you’re not sure which products to choose, you could skirt actual skin care products altogether. Check out tools to enhance their routine, like a mask applicator or a vibrating cleansing tool.

You could do something similar with products that enhance their skin in other ways, like makeup brush cleaners to reduce breakouts. Suction wands are becoming popular among skin care enthusiasts too.

Be Sensitive to the Messages You Send

The whole purpose of giving gifts is to spread joy and appreciation to those you love. It’s always important to make sure you’re not sending the wrong message in the process.

When you give skin care products, make sure your products don’t imply that there’s a problem the person needs to solve unless the person has specifically asked for those products. It’s the same reason you wouldn’t give someone a scale or a self-help book unless they asked for one.

Some skin care products are safe for anyone, like moisturizers and cleansers. Others, like anti-aging products, cellulite reduction creams, or acne products could be seen as insulting if you give them to the wrong person.

If someone’s a skin care enthusiast, though, chances are that you’re safe no matter what you give them. They’ll know that you’re giving it to them because of their hobby, not because you’re trying to send a message.

Opt for Immediate Use

Think about the time of year that you’re giving the gift. Choose seasonally appropriate products the person can use right away. You don’t want them to have to wait six months and forget about their gift altogether.

For example, if you’re giving the gift during the winter, chances are that your loved one won’t have a need for a sunless tanner until the spring. For summer occasions, don’t give them a heavy moisturizer because most people use lightweight moisturizers during the humid seasons and save the heavy stuff for dry winters.

Giving the Gift of Beautiful Skin

Skin care products don’t just help your loved one look and feel their best. For some of us self-care fanatics, these products are a full-blown hobby and getting skin care gifts lets us experiment or enjoy our favorites without cleaning out our bank accounts.

The key is finding the perfect products in a sea of options. The tips above can start you in the right direction for your beautifying gift hunt.