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The Ultimate Skin Care Routine For Your Body

Posted by Nikki Wisher on Apr 12th 2022

The Ultimate Skin Care Routine For Your Body

Cleanser. Exfoliant. Toner. Serum. Moisturizer. You probably have a full line-up of skin care products for your facial skin. After all, that’s what’s front and center. But what about that lovely body of yours? You don’t want to wait until you pull out your bathing suit for the first time of the season to look down and see blemishes, a dull complexion, and dry skin.

Now’s the time to give your body skin the TLC it deserves, and we’ve got you covered. Try out the morning skin care and evening skin care routines that will help you rock that bikini in no time.

Morning Skin Care for the Body

I’m making a bit of an assumption here: since most people shower in the morning, I’m laying out this skin care routine assuming that you’re a morning showerer. If you shower later in the day, just do step 5 in the morning (or steps 4 and 5 if you’re feeling dry) and then do steps 1-4 when you shower. Either way, let’s get into it.

1. Body Wash

In the same way that you start your facial skin care with a clean slate by using a facial cleanser, the first step to your body skin care is to get squeaky clean. Use a body wash that’s formulated for your skin type so you’re getting exactly what you need.

2. Body Scrub

I’ve stuck this in there as step two because this is where it will fall on the days when you’re exfoliating, but you don’t want to use your body scrub every day. Scrub it up once or twice per week so you’re buffing away those dead skin cells and getting smoother, softer skin without overdoing it and damaging your skin’s moisture barrier.

3. Shave if Desired

If you’re shaving your legs or elsewhere, the ideal time to do it is in the shower after using your body scrub or other exfoliant. Why?

First of all, spending some time in the water will soften your skin so it’s less irritated by the razor, so you want to wait instead of shaving as soon as you hop into the shower. Second, exfoliating will help to bring your hairs out of their follicles more fully so you get a better shave and are less prone to ingrown hairs. Third and finally, if you exfoliate after you shave, it’s too harsh on your skin so you’re likely to get some nasty irritation, so exfoliation should always come first.

4. Moisturize

Once you’ve gotten out of the shower and toweled off (by dabbing your skin, not rubbing), this is the perfect time to moisturize. The body moisturizer locks in the temporary hydration your skin soaked up in the shower before that hydration evaporates and leaves your skin even drier than before.

5. Protect

Now that your skin is fresh and soft, it’s time to keep it that way by applying daily sunscreen , particularly on any areas that will be exposed throughout the day like your arms. Throughout your body, not only does sunscreen lower your risk for skin cancer but it can also keep cellulite at bay. Sun exposure breaks down collagen, and the less collagen your skin has, the more noticeable cellulite you’ll have.

Nighttime Skin Care

After you’ve called it a day and you’re ready to get some Zs, you can make your night a restorative one for your body as well as your mind with the right nighttime skin care routine. Follow these steps for better all-over skin care.

1. Dry Brush

Dry brushing has been having a heck of a moment for the past few years, and I fully understand why. It’s exactly what it sounds like: stroking your skin with a particular type of brush while dry. It’s a fantastic way to get some superficial exfoliation so you’re getting rid of dead skin cells without overdoing it so you can dry brush as often as once per day. Meanwhile, dry brushing also improves circulation for better skin nourishment.

2. Treat

Now that your skin is nice and smooth, it’s time to take it up a notch with a specialized body serum . There are body serums for a variety of skin health goals, from hydration to anti-aging, so choose one that delivers what you want.

3. Moisturize

As a final step, give your skin one last dose of refreshing hydration before you go to bed. You’ll wake up in the morning with softer skin instead of dry, flaky skin.

Giving Your Body the Attention It Deserves

Your skin is such a vital part of your health and appearance, and it needs maintenance just like anything else – and that’s not just the case for your facial skin. Follow the routine of body care essentials above and you’ll be ready to truly glow when swimsuit season dawns. If you need to start by stocking up on all the products your body needs, shop Skin Elite to find all the essentials.