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The Doctor is In: Harnessing Medical Skin Rejuvenation with the AnteAGE MD System

Posted by Nikki Wisher on Feb 25th 2024

The Doctor is In: Harnessing Medical Skin Rejuvenation with the AnteAGE MD System

There aren’t many opportunities in life for a do-over, and that’s true for skin care too – we can never go back and prevent the aging or damage our skin has developed over the years, no matter how badly we wish we could take back those tanning bed sessions in the early ‘00s. But there are ways to repair some of that damage, and you don’t have to go under the needle or the laser to do it. One of the top players in facial rejuvenation skin care is the new AnteAGE MD System.

What Is the AnteAGE MD System?

The AnteAGE MD System is science’s gift to your skin…but let’s be a bit more specific.

AnteAGE is known for its cutting-edge skin restoration research. The brand uses growth factors and cytokines, two components of your stem cells, to restore your skin to a more youthful form. AnteAGE takes these de-aging powerhouses that have been hiding in your body all this time and puts them to use in a way that doesn’t just reduce fine lines and wrinkles but also reduces inflammation and promotes healing within your skin.

So what is the AnteAGE MD System, then? This system is the next step forward using that skin care research. The system has two products – a serum and an accelerator which hydrates your skin while enhancing the results of the serum. Essentially, the system doubles down on the breakthroughs that AnteAGE has been successfully using so far.

What is Unique About the AnteAGE MD System?

Truly, everything about the AnteAGE MD System is unique. This system uses one-of-a-kind products that make use of groundbreaking research that has been published in multiple peer-reviewed medical journals, which means the research has been studied and supported by numerous experts in the field. The system takes AnteAGE’s use of growth factors and cytokines to the next level, giving you a more powerful profile of active ingredients for stronger results while also giving your skin the hydration it needs.

Who Can Benefit from the AnteAGE MD System?

The AnteAGE MD System is an excellent choice for just about anyone who wants naturally revitalized, younger-looking skin. It’s effective for repairing aging that has already occurred as well as preventing new aging, so you can reap the benefits whether you’re in your 20s or 120s.

There’s another superpower lying within this skin care system too: post-procedural care. Because the growth factors and cytokines are instrumental in skin healing, using this system after skin treatments like laser procedures, microneedling, and chemical peels can speed up your healing and make your results even better.

Where to Get Your Own AnteAGE MD System

Ready to start undoing some of your aging? Skin Elite can send the AnteAGE MD System and other cutting-edge AnteAGE products right to your door, so shop our selection 24/7.