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The Biopelle Benefits: Snail Serum and Science

Posted by Skin Elite Experts on Oct 30th 2020

The Biopelle Benefits: Snail Serum and Science

The award-winning products from Biopelle offer some of the most effective, scientifically proven results. This is why Skin Elite™ is proud to offer you the top brand, Biopelle. The brand is highly recommended and widely used among skincare professionals. Their products are even used often in professional peels and post-procedure treatments.

Biopelle stands out from the competition when it comes to their formulas, because they are the only company that uses the secretion and eggs from the Cryptomphalus aspera snail. You read that right: secretion and eggs from snails.

Although a strange ingredient, the snail serum actually has some amazing benefits. The secret ingredient is known as SCA Biorepair Technology, which stimulates natural skin regeneration. SCA Biorepair Technology provides faster recovery to skin following dermal procedures or damage, while smoothing fine lines and renewing elasticity.

These benefits really show and you can experience the effectiveness of snail serum first-hand in the Biopelle Tensage Intensive Serum 40. First off, it’s gentle on the skin making it perfect for those with sensitive skin that can’t tolerate harsh ingredients. Plus, this serum works faster compared to many other skin serums.

Not only does Biopelle incorporate unique ingredients, they also develop targeted formulas for specific concerns. One specific concern that is not often addresses, is Estrogen Deficient skin, which happens during menopause for many women. For example, the Emepelle Night Cream restores natural radiance to mature and Estrogen Deficient Skin with a non-hormonal formula.

The unique product lines from Biopelle target much more, so if you have a specific skin care concern then check out our full range of Biopelle.