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The Best Post-Procedure Skin Care Tips

Posted by Nikki Wisher on Mar 19th 2024

The Best Post-Procedure Skin Care Tips

At the risk of making myself sound old, it’s amazing to look back on just how much the world of aesthetics has changed in the past few decades. When I was a child, you rarely heard about anyone getting cosmetic treatments because only celebrities could afford them, and of the few people who did get these treatments, even fewer talked about it openly. Fast forward to today and not only are there infinitely more procedures available today but these procedures are now so common that they’re expected in many people’s communities and social circles.

There’s much more acceptance of whether and how people choose to manage their appearance, and that’s beautiful! But you do need to use caution and proper aftercare to make sure your cosmetic treatments are safe and successful, so let’s talk about post-procedure skin care

What is Post-Procedure Skin Care?

Before we dive in, let’s make sure we’re on the same page about post-procedure skin care. Post-procedure skin care simply means skin care for your healing period after a professional cosmetic skin treatment like laser treatments, chemical peels, microneedling, radiofrequency treatments, and so on. Sometimes the term is also used for skin care after cosmetic surgery, but we’ll be focusing on non-surgical skin procedures today.

Top Tips for Post-Procedure Skin Care

There are so many factors that can affect your skin treatments and your results – the equipment your provider uses, the skill and experience of your provider, genetics, and more. But one major factor is how you care for your skin. Before you hop into the med spa, read up on these post-procedure skin care tips.

Talk to Your Treatment Provider in Advance

Success starts with preparation, so plan ahead. Every skin treatment is unique and your aftercare needs will vary based on the specific procedure you’re receiving, your skin and its history, and other factors. While the tips on this list are applicable to nearly anyone receiving a skin treatment, your provider will also give you specific instructions based on your needs.

Providers will often give you these instructions when you go in for your procedure, but it’s helpful to ask about aftercare in advance. This way, you can buy the types of skin care products you’ll need, block off your social calendar during your recovery period, and stock up on any essentials ahead of time

Be a Vampire

I’m not advising you to go around biting necks, but embrace your inner Edward Cullen and live like a vampire…meaning, avoid sun exposure with great caution. Particularly during the early days after your procedure, spend as little time outside as possible. When you do need to go outside, take layered precautions like wearing post-procedure sunscreen while also wearing a wide-brimmed hat, covering up when possible and choosing clothes that are tightly woven, and wearing large sunglasses that cover the skin around your eyes.

Invest in Specialized Post-Procedure Skin Care Products

As wonderfully as your current skin care routine might be working, your skin needs a little extra TLC after a cosmetic procedure that your typical products likely can’t provide. There are specialized post-procedure skin care products that are designed for this purpose, and they’re worth it. The right products can not only help your skin heal more quickly but give you better results too. I know it feels like an added expense, but in reality, it’s an investment that will allow you to get more value out of the hundreds or thousands you’re paying for your procedure.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Put a temporary ban on late-night social media scrolling because when you’re recovering from a skin treatment, sleep is magic! Your sleeping time is when your body does the bulk of its healing work, especially during the deepest sleep stage. Look for ways you can make sure you get the best sleep during your healing period, like asking other family members to take on some added responsibilities around the house so you can get to bed earlier and avoiding things that can disrupt your sleep like caffeine and alcohol.

Take Your Skin Care Routine Down a Notch

If you use a variety of skin care products in your current daily routine, give those bottles a break after your procedure. During this time, it’s better to keep it simple with just a few products like a post-procedure cleanser and a post-procedure moisturizing cream. You want to minimize any skin irritation or inflammation while your skin recovers, and the more products you use, the higher the risk for irritation. Definitely avoid anything that is a known irritation risk like any fragranced products and any exfoliators.

Give the Glam a Rest

The whole purpose of your skin treatment was to achieve a look you love that makes you feel confident day to day, and I get it, you can’t wait to get glammed up and go show off your transformation. But patience is a virtue. You should avoid makeup during your initial healing period – it’s especially important after ablative procedures because your skin is vulnerable to infections but even after non-ablative procedures, you want to steer clear of anything that could clog your pores or irritate your skin. Don’t worry, if you wait until your skin is recovered before you go all-out and debut your new look, the results will be even better!

Caring for Your Post-Procedure Skin

The skin treatment you receive and the provider you choose will set the tone for the results you get, but they’re only part of the puzzle. Your healing is critical for realizing the gorgeous, revitalized look you’re after, and post-procedure skin care will make a world of difference. With these tips and the guidance of your treatment provider, you’ll be setting yourself up for stunning success.