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Sun-Safe Tips for Pool Day Prep

Posted by Nikki Wisher on May 28th 2024

Sun-Safe Tips for Pool Day Prep

The summer weather is hitting and that can only mean one thing: hitting the pool! Whether you spend your pool days swimming laps, bobbing around the water, or lounging poolside, your skin prep can help you enjoy all that sun while protecting your skin from its harmful effects. The next time you’re ready to grab your swimsuit and pool float, make sure you follow these prep tips first.

1. Buy the Right Sunscreen

It’s not news that sunscreen is a must for your skin on pool day, but are you using the best sunscreen? There are a few things to look for on the shelves. First, check the SPF and ideally choose with that’s 30 or higher. Second, broad spectrum sunscreen is essential too. This means that it protects your skin from UVA and UVB rays so you’re safer against sunburn, aging, and damage that can cause skin cancer. Finally, even if you’re just planning on hanging out next to the pool, you’re in the splash zone (and the sweating zone), so grab waterproof sunscreen.

2. Hop in the Shower

Before you get ready to go to the pool, take a quick shower. Most public or shared pools ask you to do this for hygiene reasons to get rid of any dirt or debris on your skin that would otherwise get into the shared pool water. But beyond this, it’s helpful for your skin too because it boosts your skin’s hydration.

3. Pre-Hydrate Your Skin

Speaking of hydration, after you’ve taken your shower, lock in the moisture with an all-over body moisturizer and facial moisturizer. The chemicals in pool water can be very drying and irritating for your skin. Getting ahead of it with moisturizer will help you counteract some of that drying and will also make sure your skin’s protective barrier is extra strong when those pool chemicals hit it. This step is especially important if you’re prone to dry or sensitive skin.

4. Sunscreen Up

Now it’s time for that all-important sunscreen. Many people don’t realize that there are some details they might be missing when applying their sunscreen so I’m here to help. Make sure you apply your sunscreen about 15 minutes before you head outside. This gives it time to be at full force by the time you get into the sun. Make sure you’re using enough sunscreen too – most people should use about an ounce and a half (a shot glass full) for their full body.

Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen along to the pool too. It doesn’t last all day – make sure you reapply about every 90 minutes to two hours, according to your bottle’s instructions.

5. Load Up on Shade

Sunscreen is great but it can only do so much against a powerful summer sun. It’s a good idea to have some sources of shade too so you can keep some of the sun off your skin. An umbrella can be a great choice. So can a visor, a wide-brimmed hat, and sunglasses. Have some lightweight but tightly knit clothes with you too that can cover your skin from the sun without making you too hot.

Bonus: How to Care for Your Skin After Your Pool Day

The steps above will set you up for a stellar and sun-safe pool day, but you didn’t really think I’d leave you hanging about the follow-up, did you? When you’ve had your fill of fun for the day, use these tips get your skin back into tip-top shape.

1. Go for a Rinse

As important as it is to take a shower before the pool, it’s just as important to hop back in for a rinse after the pool too (the sooner after you get out of the pool, the better). This gets those pool chemicals and any dirt or debris from the pool off of your skin. It also rehydrates your skin from the drying effects of the chemicals. Make sure you also use your facial cleanser to remove any stowaways from the pool water that could clog your pores.

2. Grab That Moisturizer

Take full advantage of that post-pool shower by following it up with a fresh application of moisturizer. This locks in that water from the pool and helps your skin snap back from the pool chemicals. Don’t forget those lips either – a touch of lip balm can make them feel fresh and smooth.

3. Soothe Redness or Irritation

Even if you prep your skin well, you might end up with some irritation or redness after your day in the sun, or a touch of sunburn. If so, a soothing product could be just what your skin needs to calm the irritation and get back to being its chill self.

4. Consider Extra Hydration

If you’re particularly prone to dryness or sensitivity, you could give your skin a little extra dose of pampering the night after your day by the pool. A hydrating mask could help it even out and make sure you wake up the next day feeling free from the dreaded sun hangover.

Keeping Your Skin Safe This Summer

This summer, you don’t have to choose between soaking up some fun in the sun or keeping your skin safe from sun damage. With the right products and the right prep, you can do both. Cheers to a fabulous summer and even more fabulous skin.