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This One's for the Gents: Skincare Tips for Men

Posted by Nikki Wisher on Nov 14th 2020

This One's for the Gents: Skincare Tips for Men

Elephant in the room: most skincare is geared toward women. Women tend to put more thought and effort into their appearance so skincare brands aim to appeal to them. But the truth is that there are plenty of men out there who care about their skin health and appearance too, and not all skincare advice for women works for men too.

Well today, stereotypes can take a hike because I’m dedicating this blog to those guys who want youthful, comfortable, healthy skin. There are some biological differences between men’s skin and women’s skin on average, so gents, these tips are for you.

Get to Know Your Skin

Women have been told to be aware of and concerned about their skin since they were girls. Because of this most women could already tell you what their skin type is and then rattle off their skin’s strengths and weaknesses. Most men haven’t thought about it as much.

Now is the time. Take a close look in the mirror (a magnified mirror if you have one) and take account of the issues you see and the goals you have. Touch your skin and see if it feels oily or if it feels dry and flaky. Do you see pimples? Redness? Aging? Enlarged pores? Take stock of what you want to address and then look for skincare products for that purpose.

Start a Post-Workout Routine

Most people know they need to wash their face at night, but did you know you should wash it after a workout too? Sweat on your skin tends to get into your pores and clog them, leading to breakouts.

Men often sweat more than others and have enlarged pores making it easier for debris to get in, so your skin is a recipe for post-workout acne. Use a gentle cleanser so your skin doesn’t get dry or irritated.

Pay Attention to “For Men” Products

Men often reach for products on the shelves that are labeled “for men,” because they assume those products are meant for them. While men’s products are formulated for the typical makeup of a man’s skin, they’re far from one-size-fits-all.

Testosterone leads to more oil production, so men and others with high testosterone levels tend to have oilier skin. For that reason, many men’s skincare products focus on reducing facial oil. However, if you’re one of the many men who have dry skin instead, those products will make you drier.

Instead, take that first tip and get to know your specific skin. Look for products meant for those needs, regardless of how they’re branded.

Cool Your Shaving Irritation

One of the top skin concerns among men and anyone with facial hair is redness and irritation from shaving. Fortunately, there’s plenty you can do to keep it under control.

Start by adjusting your shaving habits. Only shave with the grain of your hair and rinse your razor with every pass so you aren’t scraping hair across your face. Razors with many blades may be more irritating to your skin, so consider razors with one or two blades.

In addition, add a calming product like a soothing masque to your regimen on a regular basis to keep inflammation to a minimum.

Prioritize Sun Protection

There are some myths and facts to deal with regarding aging. It’s a fact that men generally have thicker skin than women do. This means that while both men and women experience lower levels of skin-firming collagen as they age, the effects tend to appear sooner in women because their skin is thinner from the start.

The myth that follows this is that men don’t have to worry as much about sun protection because of this. The truth is that collagen depletion is just one way the sun ages your skin. Men can and do still get age spots from the sun which makes them look older. On top of this, skin cancer is a problem that everyone needs to prevent.

To safeguard your skin’s health and youthful looks, add a sunscreen (or better yet, an anti-aging sunscreen) to your morning routine.

Smooth Bumpy Textures

Bumpy textures are among the most common skin struggles for men. They might come from acne, razor bumps, or other causes, but the discomfort is the same.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to play detective and find the root cause of your bumps. Both salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide can tackle bumps from razor irritation, folliculitis, and acne alike. To keep your skincare routine simple, just choose a salicylic acid cleanser or a benzoyl peroxide cleanser and use it like any other cleanser.

Skincare for Suave Men

It doesn’t matter whether you spend your days in a Manhattan highrise or on a Wyoming ranch. Everyone wants to live life without struggling with skin discomfort or premature aging, and that includes men. The tips above can open the door to better skin for all.