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Skincare Spotlight: RevitaLash

Posted by Nikki Wisher on Oct 30th 2020

Skincare Spotlight: RevitaLash

When any of us look in the mirror, we tend to focus in on specific details. As unfortunate as it is, we usually pay the most attention to the details we dislike. Maybe you get fixated on a specific area that isn’t aging well or on a pesky blemish that’s overstayed its welcome.

Here’s a revolutionary idea for you: what if you looked in the mirror and focused on the parts of your appearance you do like. Imagine how it would feel to say, “wow, my brows look seriously hot today,” or, “check out these lashes, they are drop-dead gorgeous!”

If you want to make the most of your natural beauty, RevitaLash could be the perfect brand to add to your skincare routine.

About RevitaLash Cosmetics

RevitaLash started with a sad story we hear all too often: a woman blindsided by a breast cancer diagnosis and thrown into a fight for her life overnight. Spoiler alert, though: this one has a happy ending.

As Gayle Brinkenhoff was battling breast cancer, it wasn’t just her health that suffered. Her self-confidence and self-love took a tumble as well, as the treatments and side effects made it a struggle for her to feel beautiful.

That’s when Gayle’s loving husband, ophthalmologist Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff, realized there was something he could do to help his wife recognize her beauty again. He put his inventive mind to work and came up with the original RevitaLash eyelash conditioner.

The conditioner restored health and vitality to Gayle’s chemotherapy-damaged lashes. She suddenly had a bright spot to focus on when she looked in the mirror.

As Gayle continued to recover, Dr. Brinkenhoff built RevitaLash’s lineup of products. Today they specialize in unique, scientifically-based products for the lashes, brows, and hair, and they have a well-established mission to continue fighting against breast cancer for women everywhere.

RevitaLash Cosmetics Products You Need to Try

If you could use a dash of self-love, you’ve come to the right place. It doesn’t matter whether your hair, brows, and lashes have lost their luster due to an illness or aging, or whether you just to make them as glorious as they can be. Depending on the areas you want to improve, check out these top picks for the first RevitaLash products to put on your shopping list.

RevitaLash Advanced EyeLash Conditioner

If you want to get to know a new restaurant, you have to try the dish that made it famous, right? The same goes for skincare brands. It’s always a good idea to start with the product that was so great, it formed the basis for an entire business.

With RevitaLash, that has to be the  Advanced EyeLash Conditioner, a modernized and improved version of the original lash conditioner. This conditioner makes your lashes healthier so they look bolder and brighter. It also strengthens your eyelashes against breakage, empowering them to grow longer.

If you’ve already taken other steps to enhance your lashes, don’t worry. This conditioner is safe to use with eyelash extensions.

Hi-Def Brow Gel

Brows have been a huge beauty trend in the past few years, and that trend shows no signs of stopping. Full, manicured brows can refine anyone’s look.

We’ve all had days, though, when we spent precious time in front of the mirror sculpting our beautiful brows, but the moment we stepped outside, it looked like we had a family of disorganized spiders above our eyes.

That’s why I’m such a big fan of the  Hi-Def Brow Gel. This gel lets you craft the perfect shape for your eyebrows, then holds them in that shape while you go out and stun the world with your beauty.

The gel also comes in a few varieties. You can choose the clear gel if you want to retail your eyebrows’ natural color, or in soft brown and dark brown if you want to give your brows a color boost.

RevitaLash Hair Care Collection

If you’ve ever experimented with different shampoos and conditioners, you know that it’s shocking what a difference they can make. You spend your whole life thinking you have dull, dry hair and then poof! Suddenly you look like you walked off the set of a conditioner commercial.

If you want to turn that corner, the  RevitaLash Volumizing Hair Care Collection is the perfect way to dive in. This package is designed to have everything you need for a healthier, more luscious head of hair.

The collection includes both a shampoo and a conditioner designed to enhance your hair’s thickness and volume. It also includes two detox masques to get your hair and scalp on the right track, plus a specialized volume-enhancing foam. To top it all off, RevitaLash throws in a handy travel bag to hold your kit of hair magic.

Enhancing All Your Hair with RevitaLash Cosmetics

Whether we like it or not, so many of us tie our hair to our self-esteem. When you’re having a great hair day, you feel beautiful, powerful, and energized to take on whatever life throws at you.

RevitaLash’s mission is to give that power to all of us, and not just by enhancing your hair but by revitalizing your lashes and brows too. They’re here to improve literally every hair on your head, including the ones that aren’t on your scalp.

To see for yourself, try any of the knockout products in RevitaLash’s collection.