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Skincare Spotlight: Obagi Medical

Posted by Nikki Wisher on Oct 30th 2020

Skincare Spotlight: Obagi Medical

When you’re looking for a new doctor, what do you do? Chances are that you don’t pull up a Google search, close your eyes, and point to a random doctor to call. That’s too big of a decision to make by random chance.

You take your time to read reviews, ask for recommendations, and do some research of your own, right? If you’re going to trust someone with your health, you need to know who you’re trusting. So why do so many people walk into a drug store and grab the first skin care products off the shelf at random?

Obviously, your skin care products don’t have the job of checking you for life-threatening illnesses. They do play an important part in your skin’s health, though, and many of the brands in drug stores don’t know much of anything about skin health.

If you want products that will actually make your skin healthier today and for years to come, look no further than today’s Skincare Spotlight brand: Obagi Medical.

Who is Obagi?

Obagi got its start in the days of scrunchies and big hair: the ‘80s. The company was founded by Dr. Zein Obagi, a respected board-certified dermatologist. In 1988, he launched the company with an innovative product: his Nu-Derm line.

Until that time, skin care products focused on the cosmetic side of skin. After all, that’s what customers noticed most, so that’s what brands emphasized.

Dr. Obagi, on the other hand, recognized that skin health is the cornerstone of beauty. His products kicked off the new wave of skin care that emphasized health as a pathway to enhanced beauty, not an extra side quest.

Since then, Obagi Medical has continued to grow and thrive. They’ve released numerous new product lines to address specific goals for skin health. Today, they’re focused on creating products that help people with a wide range of skin types and concerns.

Obagi is also unique because you won’t find them in any corner store you stroll into. Their clinically-based products contain certain prescription-strength ingredients. Because of this, you can only get them from physicians’ offices and other authorized sources like our site.

Best Obagi Products to Try

After over 30 years in the skin care game, you can imagine that Obagi has an extensive list of powerful products. How do you choose one as your first-hand intro to the brand? I’d recommend starting with these show-stoppers.

Obagi360 System

The Obagi360 System is the brand’s latest signature system and it’s a game-changer. Most anti-aging products are marketed toward people who already have signs of aging they want to resolve. As great as those products are, every dermatologist knows that the truly ideal approach to anti-aging is to start early with preventative measures.

That’s the magic behind Obagi360. These products are meant for the younger crowd (think 20somethings, 30somethings, and the lucky few who still have little aging in their 40s).

They’re built around the goal of reducing the early signs of aging like fine lines that have started to appear, while also promoting their skin’s health to keep future aging to a minimum. You can do this with the individual Obagi360 products or with their comprehensive system.

Obagi Nu-Derm System

The idea of preventing aging sounds great, but what do you do if aging has already taken a hefty toll? In that case, you’re a perfect match for Obagi’s Nu-Derm line: the products that started it all.

This product line is all about fighting signs of aging, but it puts a special emphasis on something that plays a larger part in an aged appearance than people realize: the pesky age spot. Age spots can start developing early in your adulthood and they tack years onto your appearance while you’re busy fighting wrinkles.

For a truly in-depth rejuvenation, try Obagi’s full Nu-Derm System. The lineup includes a cleanser, a toner, two formulations of age-spot-reducing skin brighteners, a texture enhancing product, moisturizer, and sunscreen.


We’ve all seen the effects gravity has on our skin. The older we get, the less firm our skin becomes, so it starts to sag.

Unless you’re setting up a bungalow on the moon, there isn’t much you can do about gravity. You can, however, take a stand against it by helping your skin maintain its youthful firmness.

That’s the ultimate goal of ELASTIderm: to boost your skin’s elasticity so it’s more firm no matter how many years have gone by. To that end, Obagi has used a specialized mineral complex to create this unique product line.

If the area below your eyes is your main problem area, try the ELASTIderm eye serum or the ELASTIderm eye cream. If you’re like me and you’re having more of an issue with not-so-perky cheeks, though, go for the  ELASTIderm facial serum.

Making Your Skin Health a Priority with Obagi Medical

We all want skin that makes us feel stunning and youthful, but cosmetic improvements alone won’t lead to that end. Protecting and enhancing your skin health is the best way to make your skin more attractive, today and tomorrow.

If you’re ready to make that your priority, you can’t go wrong with Obagi Medical. Check out the wide range of Obagi skin care products in our online store.