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Skincare Spotlight: NeoCutis

Posted by Nikki Wisher on Oct 30th 2020

Skincare Spotlight: NeoCutis

If you know Skin Elite, you know this brand is all about skin care that talks the talk and walks the walk. That word “elite” is there for a reason.

As a long-time skin care nut, I’ve had plenty of experience in telling the difference between labels that truly make a difference and those that are full of hot air (and not the hot air that gives you a refreshing facial steam, either). Without a doubt, NeoCutis is one of those brands that get real results.

Who is NeoCutis?

You’ve probably heard about so many of those products that started out as one thing and were found to be useful for something else, the way colas began as medicines that happened to be refreshing beverages too. NeoCutis’s skin care products fit the bill too.

NeoCutis formed with a mission to create wound-healing topical products, primarily products for serious burns. In fact, the name NeoCutis comes from the origins of “new skin.” The dedicated team kicked off their research in Switzerland, and they accomplished their goal: making a product that helped burns heal with far fewer scars.

As it turns out, ingredients that heal skin can also help to restore aging skin to its youthful glory. That’s why NeoCutis switched gears and today, they’re known to have some of the most advanced anti-aging skin products on the market.

NeoCutis’s Specialties

As a whole, NeoCutis focuses on revitalizing skin by increasing the three core building blocks of young skin: collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid or HA. Over the years, the team has developed three key specialties that make this magic happen.

1. Growth Factors

Growth factors are exactly what their name suggests: biological components that trigger growth. Your body already produces growth factors. The challenge is getting them to the right places so they specifically encourage collagen growth.

In NeoCutis’s products, the brand using a combination of human growth factors and specific proteins to help your body rebuild both collagen and HA to firm your skin.

2. Peptides

Let’s have a one-paragraph biology lesson, shall we? I mentioned that collagen and elastin are two key components of firm, youthful skin. Both collagen and elastin are types of proteins, and peptides are the building blocks your body uses to form proteins.

The trick with peptides is that different forms work in different ways. NeoCutis, in fact, has their own customized peptides that they developed and honed for the sole purpose of rebuilding collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. Their unique peptides aren’t available anywhere in the world except in NeoCutis’s products, so yeah, they’re pretty cool.

3. Post-Procedure Care

I’ve explained how NeoCutis started with wound healing and progressed to anti-aging, but they’re also specialists in the one unique area of skincare that combines the two: post-procedure care.

After a skin treatment like a chemical peel or a laser session, your results come from your healing process. The body produces collagen and elastin to repair the “damage” that the treatment causes, and this is what makes your skin firmer and smoother.

NeoCutis makes products to enhance that process. They help you heal more quickly and more smoothly so you have a lower risk for scars and so you get the stunning results you’ve always imagined.

The NeoCutis Products Everyone Should Try

Now that you’re all filled in on the science behind NeoCutis’s products and their ultimate goals, how do you experience them for yourself? Great question. Truthfully, you can’t go wrong with any of their products, but I have a few personal favorites that can serve as perfect introductions to the brand.

1. Bio Serum

Serums have the ability to be major powerhouses in your skincare routine. They have highly concentrated ingredients and they have tiny particle sizes so they can penetrate deeply into your skin.

NeoCutis’s Bio Serum takes advantage of all those opportunities. In fact, it uses a combination of the brand’s growth factor formula and their advanced peptides to put aging in its place and rejuvenate your skin.

2. Micro Night Riche

Micro Night is one of NeoCutis’s most popular, long-standing products. It’s a nighttime moisturizer that nourishes your skin with powerful peptides.

As beloved as the original Might Night may be, Micro Night Riche is even better. This new and improved formula locks in hydration even more, making it an especially smart choice for those who struggle with dry skin.

3. Aftercare

Aptly named, NeoCutis Aftercare is all about the brand’s third specialty: post-procedure care. Not only does the cream hydrate your skin and pave the way for a smoother, stronger healing process, but it soothes your skin too. I can tell you from personal experience that the only challenge is holding back an audible sigh when you apply it to your post-peel or post-laser skin.

Taking Advantage of NeoCutis’s Skin Care Expertise

Skin care products may get cosmetic results, but at their core, they’re all about science. A brand needs to have the specialized biological insight to know how your skin will react and to give your skin the ingredients it needs to thrive.

With their research team’s medical origins, NeoCutis definitely has what it takes. Whether you want to make the most of an upcoming skin treatment or you just need a bit more strength in your skin care routine, I’d always recommend NeoCutis for your “to try” list.