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A Golden Rule of Skin Care: Quality Over Quantity

Posted by Nikki Wisher on Mar 31st 2023

A Golden Rule of Skin Care: Quality Over Quantity

We all have certain things that we can never have enough of. Some of us have shoe collections that could fill a library, others love to pick up as many pieces of fun jewelry as we can find…and some of us love skin care products. Who among us hasn’t come upon a shiny product at the store and thought, “Oooo, let’s see what this does!”?

When you’re shopping around for skin care products and trying to figure out how to best spend your budget, it’s easy to pick up a bunch of inexpensive products that make exciting promises, like reducing wrinkles, brightening your complexion, and so on. But the truth is that when it comes to your skin, it’s better to go for quality than quantity.

Why Quality is Better Than Quantity

Many people see their skin as a cosmetic part of their appearance, much like their hair. Your skin is no fashion accessory, though. It’s a living organ which, just like your liver and your kidneys, is affected by everything that goes into your body (and, in the case of your skin, everything you put onto your body too). You need to treat this organ with care, and that includes giving it only high-quality skin care products.

It’s better to spend your skin care budget on a few high-quality products that you can trust rather than loading up on a collection of lower-priced products. When you invest in quality skin care, you’re getting products that have been thoroughly researched and expertly formulated. You’re also more likely to get products that have better quality control, meaning that the ingredients are more likely to be effective and safe.

The Risk in Too Much Quantity

There are two sides to the advice of choosing quality over quantity for skin care products. First, quality gives you more reliable results for your skin. Second, too much quantity (even with high-quality products) can be a bad thing.

The more products you use on your skin, the more likely it is that at least one of those products will have ingredients that can irritate your skin. It’s not uncommon for people to put together a skin care routine that they think is proactive and responsible because it has plenty of products, only to find that their skin is worse than it was before.

Also keep in mind that when a skin care product is made, the manufacturers don’t know what else you’ll be using along with it. Some products may not interact with each other well, and the more products you use at the same time, the more likely this is to happen.

Paring Down Quantity: What to Cut

So here’s the big question: how exactly do you cull your skin care routine and transition from quantity to quality? Which products should you set aside and which ones should you keep using or replace with a higher-quality alternative? These tips can help.

Define Your Priorities

Take a moment to look at your skin in the mirror and think about your top priorities. Sure, it would be fantastic to have a skin care routine that simultaneously does anti-aging, anti-redness, damage correction, hydration, acne control, and brightening, but trying to cram in too much can backfire.

Instead, center in on a few top priorities based on what your skin needs most. Build your minimalist skin care routine around those few goals.

Do a Background Check

What’s the best way to know if you can expect a skin care product to be high-quality? Check the brand.

Do some research into the brands that are in your skin care routine and the reputation those brands have within the skin care industry. Look at things like:

  • How long they’ve been around
  • Whether they specialize exclusively or primarily in skin care or skin care is just one of many ventures for them
  • What dermatologists and other skin care professionals are saying about them (you can even ask your dermatologist!)
  • Their mission statement and other verbiage on their site, which should tell you where their priorities lie

Keep in mind that the brands with the most recognizable names aren’t necessarily the most reliable. Instead, check into their background, not just their popularity.

Consider Reducing, Not Eliminating

If you’re trying to simplify your skin care routine, that doesn’t have to mean tossing half your products in the trash. It can benefit your skin to still use many of your favorite products, just less frequently.

Have a purifying face mask you love? Save it to use once a week as a special treat instead of using it every day or two. Have a hydrating serum you’ve been using for years? Consider using it not every day in the morning and at night but just as a quick dose of hydration when you apply makeup.

Try Multi-Functional Products

If you want to work toward a few goals for your skin but you still want to steer toward a “quality over quantity” philosophy, just look for skin care products that serve a few purposes at once. For example, in the morning you can use a hydrating sunscreen instead of using a moisturizer and a sunscreen. In the evening, you can do the same with an anti-aging face cream instead of using a moisturizer along with anti-aging products.

This gives you the best of both worlds. You can address a few skin care goals at a time but you know the ingredients won’t interact poorly because they’ve been formulated together. Plus, you’re not risking irritation by piling too many products together.

Getting Your Skin Care on Track

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