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Sun and Skin Care from EltaMD

Posted by Nikki Wisher on Oct 30th 2020

Sun and Skin Care from EltaMD

Ready for some statistics that will take your breath away?

Every year, around 7,000 Americans lose their lives to skin cancer. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, one in five Americans will get skin cancer at least once in our lifetimes. On top of that, 90% of all visible skin aging is caused by sun damage.

I’m not telling you this to ruin your day. I’m taking a moment on my soapbox to explain how critical sun protection is to your skin, both for a long life and for your appearance and confidence.

Most skincare companies have at least some products meant to protect your skin or repair damage. One brand, though, makes it their cornerstone: EltaMD.

Who is EltaMD?

EltaMD has a unique background. Most skincare brands focus on the cosmetic aspect of your skin. After all, that’s the result most of us are chasing in our skincare routines.

While EltaMD’s products certainly get the job done, they also have a strong focus on skin health. In particular, the brand’s top products focus on sun protection and sun care. They’ve been keeping skin safe, young, and beautiful for over 25 years.

On top of sun care, EltaMD has another key focus area: post-procedure care. You might not realize this but, when you get a professional skin treatment like a laser treatment or a chemical peel, the right products can help you heal more quickly and get better results to boot.

EltaMD doesn’t only have consumer skincare products, though. They also serve physicians by making products that help with wound healing. They’ve become a household name in burn centers, hospitals, rehab clinics, and other facilities for their powerful products that help patients get back on their feet in no time.

EltaMD Products You Need to Try

To get a full picture of EltaMD’s products in all their glory, you want to try out all three of their categories: sun care, skin care, and post-procedure care. I have a few favorites in particular that get my personal stamp of approval.

UV Elements Broad-Spectrum SPF 44 Tinted

For someone who preaches sun protection to just about everyone in my life, it took my way too long to get sunscreen to be a consistent part of my morning routine. In my defense, it made my skin so greasy that my foundation wound up looking like a smeared mess.

A few years ago, though, I discovered tinted sunscreens and let me tell you: game-changer. EltaMD’s UV Elements is my top favorite.

This product shields your skin from the sun, but it has a slight tint to it to give your skin tone more uniformity. When my skin’s looking particularly blotchy or acne-stricken, UV Elements works like a toner to make my foundation more effective. When my skin is having better days, though, I can skin the foundation altogether thanks to the little boost from the tinted sunscreen.

Deep Pore Facial Cleanser

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: my skin gets full-on messy. I don’t know how in the world it picks up as much grime as it does, but I’m dealing with shedding skin cells, dried sweat, oil, dirt from the great outdoors, you name it.

By the end of the day, washing my skin feels as necessary and refreshing as that first real shower after a camping trip. It’s an especially restorative feeling when I’m using a cleanser that takes its job seriously like EltaMD’s Deep Pore Facial Cleanser.

This cleanser strikes that magical balance we all want in a cleanser: it’s thorough enough to deep clean your skin, but it’s not so harsh that it irritates your skin or strips away all your hydration. It’s even gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Of course, it’s always a good practice to follow up your cleanser with moisturizer regardless. With EltaMD’s cleanser, though, at least your face doesn’t feel like a dried-up sponge until the moisturizer comes to the rescue.

Laser Post-Procedure Balm

Laser treatments are some of the most powerful ways to rejuvenate your skin. They can wipe away age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, skin sagging, and more all in one fell swoop.

Well, it’s one “fell swoop” that can last for a few weeks at a time because it takes a while for your skin to recover. Still, the right products can make that recovery time quicker and more comfortable while making your results even more worth the wait.

EltaMD’s Laser Post-Procedure Balm should be a staple after your next laser treatment. It’s perfect for any type of ablative laser procedure and even dermabrasion.

Think of this balm as a moisturizer on performance-enhancing drugs. It gives your skin the intensive hydration it needs in order to heal more smoothly. Along the way, your skin will be feeling less irritated and tight as you watch your results appear.

Giving Your Skin the Wealth of Health from EltaMD

With skin care, as with everything else you do to make yourself beautiful, you need to balance looks with health.

The two don’t always go hand-in-hand, but with EltaMD, they do. Using their health-focused products can give your skin that stunning glow you’re chasing while making the skin healthier and safer at the same time. Talk about the best of both worlds!