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Phyto-C Is A World Leader In Skincare Technology

Posted by Skin Elite on Oct 30th 2020

Phyto-C Is A World Leader In Skincare Technology

The goal of Phyto-C was never to make millions of dollars and lead the industry…even though they do. The company’s plan was to help as many people as possible using their high quality products to remove skin blemishes and rejuvenate aging skin.

 Established in 1995, by scientist and skincare expert Dr. Mostafa Omar, Phyto-C came about by his ability to create a topical vitamin C. A feat no other scientist was able to accomplish. Much of his work was done as a professor of pharmacognosy at the University of Rhode Island College of Pharmacy.

He has continued to work on and perfect formulations using only the most natural of ingredients. He and his work have won numerous awards and accolades through the years.

Some of the amazing products developed over the years include the Phyto-C Active Serum. It’s an intense treatment to decrease fine lines and wrinkles, even pigmentation and help with smoothing skin texture. It exfoliates and replaces the outermost areas of damaged skin.

If you’re looking to moisturize and even your skin tone, the Phyto-C Balancing Toner is for you. It balances and refreshes the skin and removes surface impurities. You’ll skin with look radiant and amazing.

For instant moisturizing, you need Phyto-C Moisturize Cream. It protects the skin from dehydration and uses power antioxidants to create a barrier from dangers of the environment.

Phyto-C is one of the most respected and trusted companies in the skincare industry. They want to make your skin healthy and bring back the confidence and self-esteem you may have lost due to skin blemishes and the effects of aging.

The company continues to research and develop new cutting-edge products that will revolutionize the industry now and into the future. If you want to learn more about out offerings, please check out our Phyto-C brand page.