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Peter Thomas Roth: Award Winning Skin Care

Jan 8th 2021

Peter Thomas Roth: Award Winning Skin Care

It’s time to introduce another of our favorite brands, and we couldn’t be more excited to present to you Peter Thomas Roth’s wonderful skincare collection.

Combining traditional skincare practices from his Hungarian heritage with fresh, ground-breaking methods, Peter Thomas Roth delivers products to address various skincare concerns. Whether you’re suffering from a persistent case of acne or you’d like to freshen up dry and dehydrated skin, there are plenty of formulas from the set to suit your needs.

Let’s learn about the background of Peter Thomas Roth’s skincare line along with some of our favorite products from the collection (and trust us, it was hard to choose!)

The Ethos of Peter Thomas Roth

Peter Thomas Roth’s skincare collection first derived from his journey of discovering effective and quality products to treat his personal skincare issues. Like many people around the globe, one of his first skincare concerns was acne. As time progressed, premature aging became an issue too.

He eventually began a quest to find the best tools to reduce acne, lessen the signs of aging, and protect the skin from the sun’s harsh rays. The ultimate mission was to combine high-quality and powerful skin-loving ingredients with advanced and innovative technology.

Skincare has and always will be important to Peter. As the first-generation child of Hungarian parents, taking care of his skin is an essential part of his heritage. During the 1800s and early 1900s, Peter’s family operated and owned two resorts in Hungary.

In 1993, Peter launched his skincare brand, armed with the knowledge of the soothing and healing philosophies of the muds and minerals sourced from Hungary’s famously warm and calming thermal springs.

Peter still nods and credits traditional remedies from his heritage, but he also uses ground-breaking and forward-thinking ingredients to develop high-quality 21st-century skincare technologies.

Peter Thomas Roth’s brand philosophy is simple and straightforward: breakthrough formulas leading to astonishing results.

A proud owner of the company, Peter still leads all the research and development methods to produce advanced formulas in his lab and production facility. He tracks down the most effective and potent ingredients to offer customers around the world innovative concentrations.

The collection currently boasts an impressive range of 100 products addressing various skincare concerns sold worldwide. Whether you’re suffering from acne, a dull complexion, or large pores, there’s a quality Peter Thomas Roth product to help.

Peter is passionate about his company and loves meeting his customers from around the world. As a business owner, nothing brings Peter more joy than hearing that his formulas have made a significant difference to someone’s life.

If you need further convincing to sample Peter’s skincare range, know that more than 15 formulas from the brand have gained renowned awards from prestigious beauty magazines. Impressive, huh?

Our Top Picks

It was hard whittling down this list from over 100 products of Peter Thomas Roth’s inspiring collection, but here are a few of our favorites.

Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Masque

Pop this Cucumber Gel Masque onto your skin, lay back, and let the soothing formula work wonders for your complexion. Packed full of botanical extracts of chamomile, pineapple, cucumber, sugar maple, orange, lemon, and bilberry, the mask will brighten and rejuvenate the skin giving you a glowing complexion. What’s more, the product is suitable for all skin types.

Peter Thomas Roth Max Complexion Correction Pads

If you’re experiencing a face full of spots, the Max Complexion Correction Pads deeply penetrate and clear out pores, lessening acne and blackheads and gifting you with clear and glowing skin. Each pad is teeming with maximum strength 2% salicylic acid and powerful 10% glycolic acid complex, which works effectively to thoroughly cleanse the skin, reduce active acne, minimize pore size, and combat the formation of any new blackheads or breakouts.

These potent pads also work well to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. The question is – what can’t they do?

Peter Thomas Roth 8% Glycolic Solutions Toner

This magic 8% Glycolic Solutions Toner chemically exfoliates the complexion’s surface, lessening the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pores, and an uneven skin tone. Featuring witch hazel, the toning complex also helps to brighten, clarify, and smooth out dull skin appearance.

The formula is ideal for all skin types, whether it’s normal, combination, dry, mature, oily, or sensitive.

Peter Thomas Roth Acne Clearing Wash

Another excellent product for combatting spots is this Acne Clearing Wash. The deep-cleaning formula is paraben-free and invigorates the skin with a clean, fresh citrus fragrance.

Featuring a maximum strength of 2% salicylic acid, the product works wonders in eliminating the formation of any fresh blackheads or breakouts while ridding the skin of excess makeup and oil.