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Oust Neck Wrinkles with Revision Nectifirm and Nectifirm Advanced

Posted by Nikki Wisher on May 21st 2023

Oust Neck Wrinkles with Revision Nectifirm and Nectifirm Advanced

When we’re trying to look younger, we tend to concentrate most on our face. It makes sense, after all – that’s the part of your body that people associate with your identity and the first place their eyes go when they see you. But then there’s your neck – that sneaky area that’s easy to forget but ages quickly because the skin is so thin and mobile. If you’re on the hunt for a remedy, look no further than Revision Nectifirm and Nectifirm Advanced.

What Is Revision Nectifirm and Nectifirm Advanced?

Nectifirm is one of Revision’s most notable and popular products, and it has earned every bit of that acclaim. This unique product is an anti-aging moisturizer that is specifically formulated for your neck and decolletage. It’s designed to reduce wrinkles, neck bands, and crepey skin, giving your skin an overall more youthful, revitalized look.

What Is Unique About Revision Nectifirm and Nectifirm Advanced?

Truth be told, there aren’t many skin care products that specialize in neck care. While there’s nothing wrong with using your facial products for your neck, your neck skin isn’t the same as your facial skin and it has different challenges and needs. Revision’s Nectifirm products, though, are created solely with your neck and décolleté in mind.

Revision offers two options for enhancing this important area: its original Nectifirm and its cutting-edge Nectifirm Advanced. Both of these products are designed to enhance the dermal-epidermal junction (the area where your surface layer of skin meets the deeper layer of your skin). Nectifirm Advanced, though, gives you the outstanding rejuvenating effects of a panel of eight precisely chosen peptides and Revision’s proprietary Smart Antioxidant Technology. When combined, these ingredients set up your skin for youthful collagen development and an overall smoother, sleeker neck.

Who Can Benefit from Revision Nectifirm and Nectifirm Advanced?

Revision Nectifirm and Nectifirm Advanced are fantastic for nearly anyone who wants to revitalize their neck and decolletage area or keep the area looking young and vibrant (so, basically everyone). Both products are beneficial for oily, dry, acne-prone, combination, and balanced skin. Nectifirm Advanced is even sensitive skin-friendly too.

Where to Find Revision Nectifirm and Nectifirm Advanced

Ready to give your neck the hydration it deserves? We can help! You can get both Revision Nectifirm and Nectifirm Advanced delivered right to your door from Skin Elite. Shop our selection of these and other phenomenal Revision products.