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Osmosis: Beauty Uncompromised

Posted by Nikki Wisher on Sep 12th 2021

Osmosis: Beauty Uncompromised

In many industries, the best brands are the ones you’ve heard about and revered for years. Everyone knows the top fashion designers and furniture brands that make the most long-lasting products, so in general, if you see a product from a brand you’ve never heard of, you assume it’s lower quality.

The skin care world is different. The most well-known household names are usually drug store brands. People don’t generally talk about their skin care products like they do their fashion pieces, so most people don’t know about the best skin care brands unless they’ve purposely tried them or researched them.

If you’re hoping to find out about high-quality skin care brands that could help you get the best skin of your life, you’ve come to the right place. Today, I’m introducing you to a holistic and health-focused brand: Osmosis Beauty.

About Osmosis Beauty

The slogan for Osmosis Beauty is “Beauty Uncompromised,” and it’s truly the core of their philosophy. The brand takes a holistic approach to skin care, focusing on achieving beauty through health and specifically on reducing toxins in the skin.

Osmosis Beauty was founded by Dr. Ben Johnson, who also founded the highly regarded and well-known skin care brand Cosmedix. While his focus with Cosmedix was on creating medical-grade products with naturally sourced ingredients, Osmosis Beauty is his return to a more basic, health-focused approach to skin beauty.

Osmosis Beauty has multiple product lines and types of products with the philosophy of achieving beauty through health: skin care, makeup, and wellness. Cancer patients hold a special place for the brand too, so the brand offers several products designed to reduce the negative cosmetic impact of cancer treatments on their skin.

Top Osmosis Beauty Products You Need to Try

Background information is great, but the only way to truly get to know a skin care brand and whether it works for your skin is to try it for yourself. To see if Osmosis Beauty is the next great addition to your skin care routine, try these popular products.

Rescue Epidermal Repair Serum

Serums are among the most powerful products you can have in your skin care routine. A serum is a product that has particularly small particle sizes, which allows it to better sink into your skin for more robust results.

There are serums for a wide range of skin care goals, but the Osmosis Rescue Epidermal Repair Serum stands out from the rest. This unique cocktail of ingredients focuses on your epidermis, the surface layer of your skin that is the most visibly noticeable. The serum revitalizes your skin in several ways at the same time: combatting toxins, reducing inflammation, enhancing wound healing, improving skin texture, and minimizing age spots.

Purify Enzyme Cleanser

A great cleanser is a foundational piece for any skin care routine. It’s like the little black dress of skin care because clean skin is healthier and provides a better canvas for any look you want for your skin. If you want a cleanser that goes above and beyond, the Osmosis Purify Enzyme Cleanser is the answer you’re looking for.

While this cleanser does a great job of tackling tough debris, sweat residue, and excess oil in your pores, it takes it a step further. The Purify Enzyme Cleanser lightly exfoliates your skin too – enough exfoliation to buff away dead skin cells and give you smoother, renewed skin, but keeping it mild enough that you can use it daily. Specialized citrus enzymes also enhance this product’s cleansing effects so you’re left with smooth and fresh skin.

Renew Advanced Retinal Serum

Oh, look, another serum! Like the Rescue Epidermal Repair System, the Osmosis Renew Advanced Retinal Serum reaches deep into your skin to produce lifelong changes from the inside out. There’s a key difference, though: the Renew Advanced Retinal Serum focuses all its energy on deep age reversal.

You’ve probably heard of retinols: the A-list stars of anti-aging skin care products. Retinols are known for increasing cell turnover to help your body remove damaged surface skin, and they’re also known for stimulating collagen production, so your skin becomes firmer, smoother, and more youthful.

The Renew Advanced Retinal Serum takes this to a whole new level. According to Osmosis Beauty, this highly effective serum can stimulate your collagen production by as much as 1000 times more than typical retinols, making it a powerhouse of wrinkle reduction, skin lifting, and overall skin rejuvenation. To top it all off, this serum includes strong antioxidants to naturally help your body repair and protect your skin against sun damage.

Quench Nourishing Moisturizer

Moisturizer is another one of those cornerstones of a great skin care routine. After all, dry skin looks more aged because it makes wrinkles more prominent, so the right moisturizer can help you look younger on a daily basis while also combatting the flakiness and itchy discomfort of dry skin.

If you want a moisturizer that doesn’t leave you with greasy residue, the Osmosis Quench Nourishing Moisturizer is what you need. The lightweight moisturizer absorbs quickly so it’s light enough for any season and leaves your skin feeling fresh, yet it reaches deep into your skin to hydrate within.

Finding Skin Care Brands You Can Trust

Your skin is such a crucial part of both your appearance and your health that you can’t trust it to just anyone…or just any brand. Osmosis Beauty is a brand that’s founded on true research and skin care science, putting your skin’s health first. Try any of the products above (or any of Osmosis Beauty’s dozens of other products, for that matter) to see the impact of that science for yourself.