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Need A Hand? Tips For Younger-Looking Hands

Posted by Nikki Wisher on Oct 30th 2020

Need A Hand? Tips For Younger-Looking Hands

When you want to look younger, chances are that your attention goes to one place: your face. I’m guilty of it too. I’ll spend all kinds of time and money refreshing my face and loving my look, and then I’ll catch sight of the backs of my hands and say, “How did I get my grandma’s hands?”

Our hands actually age more quickly than most areas of the body, and for multiple reasons. First, the skin on the hands is far thinner than the skin on most areas of your body. All of your skin loses volume as you age, but when your hands already have thin skin to begin with, that volume loss becomes way more noticeable way more quickly.

The second reason is good old sun exposure. Your hands are out in the world, front and center, and probably without sunscreen if you’re like most folks. That sun exposure thins and wrinkles your skin even more than it naturally would, all while adding age spots.

Want to find out how to stop your hands from making you look older? Consider it done. Follow this roadmap of tips toward smoother, plumper, younger-looking hands.

1. Exfoliate

You know what they say: out with the old, in with the new. When you have dead skin cells loitering on the surface of your skin, it can make your skin look older because of the unwanted texture it adds.

When you use an exfoliator for your hands, it gets rid of those dead skin cells and gives you a smoother, healthier-looking texture. On top of that, the exfoliation can promote stronger blood flow through your hands too, which enhances their color, hydration, and volume.

2. Hydrate

When it comes to giving your skin an instant plumpness, hydration is your best friend. You’ve seen fruit shrivel up and wrinkle when it gets dry. Your skin does the same thing.

On top of sipping your water on a daily basis, you need to keep your paws hydrated with moisturizer too. Opt for a specialized hand moisturizer that’s formulated for the delicate and thirsty skin on your hands.

Don’t forget about your nails. A healthy, well-manicured nail makes your hands look younger, so rub the moisturizer into your cuticles too.

3. Give Your Hands a Facial

A face mask is a great way to give your skin a nourishing crash course. Did you know the benefits aren’t limited to your face?

Many face masks are also great for the skin on your hands. Just follow the same directions on the label but apply the product to the backs of your hands instead of your face. Depending on the mask you choose, this can be a fantastic way to boost your hydration and firm your skin.

4. Use a Color Corrector

When people talk about looking younger, everyone thinks about wrinkles and sagging skin. Age spots are the unsung demons that make you look older no matter how much you tighten your skin.

Luckily for us all, there are solutions. While there are plenty of professional skin treatments that reduce age spots, you can also get great results at home with a brightening cream.

These products brighten and even out your skin tone, easing age spots for a more youthful complexion overall.

5. Pump Up the Volume

Remember all that chatter about how your hands lose volume when you age? You can tackle that problem directly.

Some people spend hundreds on filler injections in the backs of their hands. If you prefer a needle-free route, try the Osmotics Lipofill Enhancing Filler instead. Just wash your hands, apply the serum, and let it sink in and work its magic.

The unique serum plumps up your skin for a smoother finish, fewer wrinkles, and fewer visible veins. Keep it up and your hands will look younger in no time.

6. Prevent New Damage

The years alone can do plenty of damage to your hands. When the sun joins the party, though, it’s an all-out rave of wrinkles and pigmentation.

To keep your future aging to a minimum, sunscreen is a must. Make it a daily habit before you head out of the house in the morning and reapply it every few hours or before you head back outside.

Pretty Paws at Any Age

Hands age quickly for anyone. If you put yours to work on a daily basis with cleaning, working, and typing, it tends to happen even sooner. You don’t have to retire to keep them looking bright and fresh, though.

The tips above can help you trample the aging that has already touched your hands while keeping them looking younger as the years go by. So slap on some nail polish, glam up with some rings, and show off those pretty paws!