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Myth or Fact: Pores Edition

Posted by Nikki Wisher on Oct 4th 2022

Myth or Fact: Pores Edition

Welcome back, everyone, to the game all of us skin care fanatics love: Myth or Fact! That’s right, it’s the game where I give you a commonly touted piece of skin care knowledge and you guess whether it’s a genuine fact or just a myth that’s been passed down through the ages.

This time, we’re turning our attention to those tiny dots we all know: our pores. Love them or loathe them, pores are a vital part of your skin’s anatomy and they play a powerful role in your skin’s health. Let’s dive into today’s game and test your knowledge about pores and whether the bits of advice we’ve all heard are actually myths or facts.

Myth or Fact: Pores Get Larger as You Age

Let’s start off with a bit of good news: the thought that your pores get larger as you age is a myth. Your pore size is determined purely by genetics and fate, so the pore size you have is the pore size you have throughout your adult life.

Here’s the caveat, though: pores do often look larger as we get older. When we age, our skin gradually sags downward because it no longer has enough collagen to withstand the effects of gravity. As the pressure of gravity pulls down on your skin, it makes the openings of your pores look larger.

Fortunately, there are ways to outsmart that process, namely by maintaining higher levels of collagen in your skin for as long as possible. Retinol skin care products do a fantastic job of increasing cell turnover and reducing your collagen loss, and there are plenty of professional skin treatments that enhance collagen too.

Myth or Fact: A Facial Steam is Good for Your Pores

Don’t worry, your aesthetician isn’t pulling the wool over your eyes…it’s a fact that a facial steam is good for your pores. It isn’t for the reason you probably think, though.

Contrary to popular belief, a facial steam doesn’t open your pores. It can, however, loosen up the debris in your pores, allowing you to get a more effective cleansing.

At the risk of raining on your parade, there is one note to consider. Some facial steams can be irritating to the skin, especially if you’re prone to sensitive skin. Make sure to only get a facial steam or facial from a professional you trust who can cater the service to suit your skin.

Myth or Fact: You Can Shrink Your Pores

Sorry, folks, but this one is a myth. Your pore size is what it is – you can’t truly shrink your pores.

The happy twist, however, is that there are ways to make your pores look smaller and less noticeable. One of the primary reasons pores look larger is because they have oil and other debris in them, holding the opening wider. Washing your face with a gentle cleanser twice per day will keep your pores to a visible minimum. As I mentioned above, anything that helps your skin develop more collagen will also make your pores look smaller.

Myth or Fact: Makeup Can Clog Pores

This is an old piece of wisdom that holds true because it is a fact that makeup can clog pores. Not all makeup has that problem, though. Some makeup is specifically made without pore-clogging ingredients. If you’re prone to acne or clogged pores, make sure you choose makeup that’s labeled as non-comedogenic.

Regardless of whether your makeup is of the pore-clogging variety, you still need to remove it every night. This lets you give your face an effective cleansing to clear away excess oils and other debris.

Myth or Fact: Sweat Clogs Pores

I couldn’t let you get too comfortable, so this last question is a tricky one: it’s a bit of a myth and a fact, so either way you answered, you’re right!

When you sweat, it can actually help to loosen up pore-clogging debris. If you let the sweat sit on the surface of your skin, however, it does tend to create new clogs. That’s why many people notice an uptick in pimples when they start working out more often.

So, in other words, sweating is great for your pores as long as you shower and wash your face right away. Bonus points if you use a pore-clearing body wash along with a facial cleanser.

How’d You Do?

So, contestants, how did you score on today’s edition of Myth or Fact? Regardless of your score, the real win comes from learning more about your skin’s health and how to enjoy clearer, brighter skin. Now’s the time to start putting your new expertise to use and collect your prize of healthier skin.