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Keep Sun Damage Away with EltaMD UV Stick

Posted by Nikki Wisher on May 9th 2022

Keep Sun Damage Away with EltaMD UV Stick

As much as we all love to soak up some sun, we also all know that unprotected sun exposure can do some serious damage to our skin, both medically and cosmetically. One of the best gifts you can give your skin is daily sun protection. The problem is that sunscreen doesn’t last all day – even if you’re religiously applying sunscreen each morning, you need to reapply it about every two hours for it to continue keeping your skin safe. Who has the time for all that?

That’s exactly why I’m so excited about the new EltaMD UV Stick . It’s all about making reapplication easier throughout the day so even the busiest of bees can stay sun-safe.

What Is the EltaMD UV Stick?

EltaMD is the ultimate brand for sun care, and their UV stick is the latest creation from these great minds. It’s a convenient stick of sunscreen (looking similar to a stick of deodorant) you can stash in your purse, desk, briefcase, or anywhere. The stick holds broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 50+ that you can simply swipe and rub in to apply anywhere on your body. No mess, no fuss, just quick and easy sun protection.

What Makes the EltaMD UV Stick Unique?

Frankly, the unique design of the EltaMD UV Stick is reason enough for it to stand out. One of the most common frustrations with sunscreen is that it’s messy, whether you use a sunscreen cream or a spray sunscreen. This stick allows you to keep your skin safe without ending up with sticky hands.

The sunscreen itself is also exceptional. For one, it’s formulated to be absorbed quickly and easily with no residue or white cast left behind. Second, it’s a mineral sunscreen so you can set aside the potential concerns that come with chemical sunscreens.

Finally, but most notably, this product isn’t just a sunscreen. It combines sun-blocking ingredients like zinc with multiple antioxidants so it’s not just keeping out sun damage but repairing the damage from any minimal sun exposure that does break through the barrier.

Who Can Benefit from the EltaMD UV Stick?

The EltaMD UV Stick is a fantastic product for essentially anyone. Not only is it a good fit for all skin types but it’s safe for adults and kids alike – anyone over six months of age.

Where Can You Get Your Own EltaMD UV Stick?

Looking for an EltaMD UV Stick you can stash in your bag to make your sun protection easier? You’re in luck! Skin Elite is proud to carry this exciting new product along with dozens of other EltaMD products. Shop our inventory today to find all your sun care favorites.