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Introducing the Magic of Jane Iredale: Clean, Concious, and Cultivated Beauty

Posted by Ellie Swain on Aug 11th 2023

Introducing the Magic of Jane Iredale: Clean, Concious, and Cultivated Beauty

Have you ever had one of those ‘uh-oh’ skincare moments? Like when you've just swiped on a new lipstick, feeling on top of the world, and then you read the ingredients on the packaging.

Yikes. Those chemicals you can’t even pronounce? Yeah, not so chic.

It’s like buying a gorgeous pair of heels and realizing they pinch hard. We feel you.

And that's why we're over the moon to introduce our newest skincare and makeup brand that'll never let you have one of those moments again – meet Jane Iredale. Keep reading to learn all about this clean beauty brand.

Authentic Clean Beauty

Let's play a game - close your eyes and imagine the word ‘natural.’ You might picture lush green forests, pristine waterfalls, or perhaps a serene garden. But, if you dive a bit deeper, even these picturesque scenes aren't untouched. There could be heavy metals lurking in the soil or pollutants thriving in the water.

That's the beauty dilemma Jane Iredale faced when launching her line. She pondered, ‘Is everything that's natural inherently good?’ After all, while Poison Ivy is entirely natural, you wouldn't want it anywhere near your skin, would you?

Instead of settling for the vague and overused ‘natural’ tag that many beauty brands use, Jane opted for a term that truly embodied her brand's philosophy: ‘clean beauty.’ This approach isn’t just about being eco-friendly. It's about committing to the health of our skin and overall well-being. In a market flooded with ‘natural’ labels, Jane Iredale ensures authenticity with every product.

Mindfully Crafted Just for You

Navigating the world of skincare and makeup can sometimes feel like decoding a complex puzzle. One moment you're told a particular ingredient is the next best thing, and the next, it's on the ‘avoid’ list.

Jane Iredale has always been a few steps ahead. Bidding farewell to the notorious parabens, synthetic fragrances, and talc, each product in the Jane Iredale collection is a testament to the brand’s dedication to ‘clean.’

As we’ve touched upon, even natural ingredients can sometimes pose dilemmas. Take Carmine, for example. It's a vibrant, natural colorant but has its drawbacks. Some folks are allergic, while others, especially vegans and those observing Kosher, avoid it because it’s derived from beetles.

Jane Iredale's solution? Pivot to lake dyes that are manufactured with metallic salts, an alternative that meets both beauty and ethical standards.

Jane Iredale products aren’t just manufactured. They’re thoughtfully and mindfully crafted for beauty lovers like you.

A Love for Mother Earth

In an era of fast fashion and even faster consumption, where do beauty brands stand regarding environmental responsibility? For Jane Iredale, the answer is clear: front and center, hand-in-hand with Mother Earth.

Their brand philosophy goes beyond just selling products. It's about ensuring that the planet remains as beautiful as the faces they enhance. The gardens at Jane Iredale, buzzing with bees, fluttering butterflies, and chirping birds, aren’t just for show. They’re a testament to their unwavering commitment to eco-friendliness.

Every product decision is weighed against its environmental impact. Whether it's choosing ingredients that are sustainably sourced or packaging that treads lightly on our planet, the brand’s love for nature is evident. So, when you select a Jane Iredale product, know that you’re not only treating your skin but also casting a vote for a greener, kinder planet.

More than Makeup: A Pillar in the Community

Makeup has the power to transform not just appearances but communities too. While Jane Iredale products leave countless buyers looking fabulous, there’s an even more profound story off the palette.

Believing that a brand's strength isn't just in its products but its community ties, Jane Iredale champions a cause close to everyone's heart: food. By sponsoring farmers’ markets for half the year, they ensure access to clean, GMO-free, pesticide-less food.

This isn’t just about fresh produce. It's about fostering community spirit, encouraging healthier lifestyles, and celebrating the Earth’s bounty. The team at Jane Iredale aren’t just in the business of beauty. They’re cultivating community health, forging ties, and sharing love.

With Jane Iredale, every makeup stroke is a step towards building not just a beautiful face but a beautiful community too.

Collection of Jane Iredale products including Hydration Spray, Handi Brush, Pressed Powder and Primer

It’s Time to Try Jane Iredale’s Collection

We’re all about celebrating brands that blend beauty with consciousness. And Jane Iredale? It's a match made in clean beauty heaven.

We’re thrilled to present a brand that aligns so well with our ethos. And we're confident that once you try Jane Iredale products, you’ll be as smitten as we are.

Have a look at the collection today and discover everything from brightening face primers to luscious lip glosses.