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Introducing the Latest Skin Elite Star: Hydrinity

Posted by Nikki Wisher on Dec 5th 2023

Introducing the Latest Skin Elite Star: Hydrinity

Skin Elite isn’t just an online storefront for skin care. We’re on a mission to take the guesswork out of caring for your skin by bringing you trusted brands and their effective, reliable products. In other words, if you see a product on Skin Elite, you can expect quality. That’s why we’re proud to introduce you to the latest brand to join our club of skin care all-stars: Hydrinity.

Meet Hydrinity, the Newest Addition to Skin Elite’s Catalog of Skin Care Excellence

Every skin care brand aims to give you beautiful skin, but Hydrinity is a prime example of how very intertwined skin care and healthcare actually are. Hydrinity actually began in the medical world. It started as a regenerative medicine company, developing wound care and surgical products as well as medication delivery systems cancer centers and more, largely using advanced technology with hyaluronic acid.

Clinicians started to remark on how quickly and effectively Hydrinity was healing their patients’ skin, even patients whose skin was severely affected by radiation therapy. It was then that Hydrinity started to see that their skin science also had potential for skin repair and anti-aging, so they dove into researching new formulas for that purpose. Three years of intensive research later, Hydrinity launched its first outstanding skin science products.

What’s Special About Hydrinity

The fact that Hydrinity puts a focus on skin science is definitely a selling point, but they’re far from the only skin care brand that is science-based and conducts its own in-depth research. There are a few other features that make Hydrinity truly stand out and make it unique even among other premium skin care brands.

Minimalist Skin Care

Some people enjoy spending time on their skin care as part of their morning and nighttime routines, but others prefer to keep it as simple as possible. If you’re in that second camp, Hydrinity is your soul mate. This brand believes that while skin science can be complicated, putting it to use shouldn’t be. It has a small selection of versatile products that can be paired together. To get optimal results, all you need are two pumps of two products, twice per day. You’ll be able to enhance your skin health without spending an hour a day on your skin and without cluttering up your bathroom.

Fast Results

This might just be the most impressive flex Hydrinity has up its sleeve: its products can give you results in just two weeks. That’s a rarity in the skin care world, with most products taking 4-6 weeks. But if you want to enhance your skin in a hurry (emergency skin boot camp before the holidays, anyone?), Hydrinity can get the job done without professional skin treatments or lengthy daily routines that cost an arm and a leg.

Medical-Grade Quality

If you’re trusting a product with your skin health, you need it to be high-quality. Hydrinity knows and it delivers every time. Because of the brand’s roots in healthcare, it uses medical-grade ingredients with optimal purity. You can rest assured that your skin is in good hands and that you’re getting your money’s worth.

How to Experience Hydrinity: Top Products to Try

Now that you’re fully hyped about Hydrinity and the excellence it offers your skin, what’s next? What’s the best way to try out Hydrinity and see if its products are what your skin has been looking for? These cornerstone products will bring the Hydrinity difference to you.

Restorative HA Serum or Renewing HA Serum

Hydrinity’s core specialty lies in its two most popular serums: the Hydrinity Restorative HA Serum and the Hydrinity Renewing HA Serum. The Restorative HA Serum is focused on skin healing and recovery, aiding your body’s natural healing process for faster and smoother skin recovery. The Renewing HA Serum, on the other hand, is focused on skin aging, using proprietary technology to boost skin elasticity and firmness so you see fewer lines and wrinkles.

While these two serums have different purposes, they’re both powered by a combination of Hydrinity’s research-based technology and intensive hyaluronic acid. This allows them to provide rich, strong hydration throughout the layers of your skin while also enhancing your healing and youthfulness.

Hyacyn Active

As powerful as Hydrinity’s serums are, they’re even better when paired with the one-of-a-kind Hyacyn Active. Hyacyn Active is a type of product you may not have seen before: a cleansing treatment spray. Its unique formula is designed to balance your skin’s acidity and remove impurities to not only enhance your skin on its own but also create the perfect environment for serums to be more effective.

Pro tip: the best way to experience Hydrinity is to pair Hyacyn Active with either one of the serums depending on your goals for your skin, and you can save by buying either the Hydrinity Restorative Kit or the Hydrinity Age Renewal Kit.

Eye Renewal Complex

If the skin around your eyes is where you’re seeing the bulk of your facial aging, this Eye Renewal Complex could be perfect for you. It’s designed with Hydrinity’s classic pairing of innovative research-based technology and hyaluronic acid, among other ingredients, to give your eyes a naturally youthful boost.

Vivid Brightening Serum

Brown spots caused by sun damage are incredibly common but not exactly welcome, so Hydrinity has a solution. The Vivid Brightening Serum uses Hydrinity’s cornerstone ingredients as well as specific ingredients for pigment correction to give you back a smoother, more even complexion while restoring hydration and enhancing your skin health.

Getting Started with Hydrinity

Enough talk, it’s time for action! Check out Skin Elite’s new selection of Hydrinity skin care products and see the difference just two weeks after these gems land at your door.