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How to Make Luxury Skin Care More Affordable

Posted by Nikki Wisher on May 30th 2023

How to Make Luxury Skin Care More Affordable

Your wallet might not like to hear this, but when it comes to skin care, quality counts. The $6 moisturizer you find at the drug store isn’t the same thing as the $60 moisturizer from a premium brand that uses advanced medical science and quality ingredients to create an effective product.

With that said, you don’t have to go broke to have beautiful skin. There are ways to get high-quality, luxury skin care while still keeping your budget in check. Affordability is relative, of course, but try these tips to go easier on your bank account without sacrificing the quality of your skin care.

Shop the Sales

It might sound obvious, but so many people just buy new bottles of their products when they start to run out and don’t give any thought to being more strategic with their timing. At Skin Elite, for example, we frequently have sales on various brands of types of products, just waiting for you to take advantage and score some savings. Watch for sales on your favorite products, and when a sale hits, stock up so you’re likely to be able to wait until the next sale before you buy more.

Invest in a Beauty Spatula

Have you ever used a bottle scraper or beauty spatula? These tiny spatulas are designed to reach into bottles of skin care products, makeup, and other small items to make sure you can get every drop out of them. It might only give you a couple of extra uses for each bottle, but that adds up! You can find beauty spatulas online or at your local drugstore, usually for just a few bucks.

Try a Pre-Packaged Set

Did you know skin care products sometimes come as sets or packages? A brand might create a set that gives you a full skin care routine to address a specific issue like acne or aging, for example. These sets usually cost less than you would spend if you bought each of the products individually.

Get Rewarded for Your Loyalty

When you’re shopping for skin care, loyalty can pay off! Skin Elite has an excellent rewards program in which you earn points with every purchase. You can redeem these points for savings on future orders. Programs like this are truly no-brainers – you’re getting free discounts for buying the same products you would buy anywhere else.

VIP Members Earn Big Rewards at Skin Elite

Buy Sample Sizes to Try New Products

For people who are trying to optimize their skin care routine, one of the top reasons it can get so expensive is because the only way to truly know if a product will benefit your skin is through trial and error. If you have to buy three full-size anti-aging serums to find the one that works for you, that gets expensive in a hurry.

But here’s something you may not know: many premium skin care brands offer sample-sized or travel-sized versions of their products. These small sizes allow you to buy just enough to try out the product and see how your skin reacts, so you spend less if you need to try a few choices before finding the best one for you.

Keep in mind, though, that these small sizes often do cost more per ounce than the larger product sizes. Once you’ve found your perfect match, check out the size options and choose the one that has the lowest cost per ounce so you save more in the long run.

PCA Skin Deluxe Minis

Get Special Deals in Your Inbox

Something as simple as signing up for a mailing list could be a game-changer for your skin care budget. Mailing lists are often a great way to see when there’s a sale or a special that will save you money.

Take Skin Elite’s mailing list for example. You get a special offer of 20% off just for signing up in the first place, and you’ll be among the first to know when there are other sales and discounts.

Don’t Go Overboard

If you’re someone who loves skin care and pampering yourself, I get it – there’s temptation to buy and try any exciting new skin care product you discover. But if you have a budget to stick to, that’s a good way to overspend in a hurry. If you’re trying to save, focus on minimalist skin care and choose quality over quantity.

That doesn’t mean you can’t tailor your skin care routine to address your skin’s goals and priorities. You just want to do that with a smaller number of multi-functional products. For instance, use a moisturizer that contains anti-aging ingredients rather than springing for a moisturizer and a separate anti-aging product.

NeoCutis Journee Firm Riche Moisturizer

Shopping Smart for Skin Care

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get beautiful skin, and you don’t have to win the genetic lottery either. With the tips above, you can enjoy healthier, more beautiful skin without breaking the bank, and we can help. Start shopping our selection of luxury skin care products from Skin Elite and watch for sales on all your favorites.