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Get Cheeky: How To Apply Blush Like A Pro

Posted by Ellie Swain on Mar 24th 2023

Get Cheeky: How To Apply Blush Like A Pro

Just a few swipes of blush can make your complexion look brighter and healthier, adding that rosy glow that bronzer and highlighter can’t mimic.

Yet it can be challenging to apply blush the right way. Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as swirling blusher on your cheeks and heading out of the front door.

Whether you can’t seem to get your blusher to stay put, you’re using the wrong hue, or you don’t know where to start with your application, we’re to help with our pro blusher tips.

Achieving a gorgeous, long-lasting glow is possible, whether your skin is oily, dry, or combination. Keep reading for our brilliant blush tips to make this underrated and versatile makeup product work well for you.

Prep for Perfection

The first step is ensuring your skin is prepped and hydrated for blush application. Try using products that will add some dew to your complexion, like hydrating moisturizers and facial oils.

Another great way to prep your skin for blush application is to gently exfoliate with a mild scrub or chemical exfoliant to slough away any dead skin cells and promote a smooth, even texture. Just be sure to follow up with a hydrating serum or moisturizer to keep your skin nourished and protected.

Make sure you go through your usual skincare routine before applying any makeup.

The PCA Skin Hydraluxe is a lightweight and deeply hydrating moisturizer that doubles as an excellent primer for the skin before makeup application with blusher. Infused with moisture-rich ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate, niacinamide, and ceramides, it creates a smooth and even base, leaving behind a dewy, radiant finish that lasts all day.

With its fast-absorbing formula, it's an easy addition to any skincare routine, improving skin texture and appearance with consistent use.

Apply Foundation or a Tinted Moisturizer

Once your skin is cleansed and moisturized, it’s time to apply foundation or a tinted moisturizer on the face, along with a concealer to cover any imperfections.

Liquid foundations are best teamed with cream blushers as their textures team well together. If you apply cream blusher with powder products, they can tend to get splotchy or may not glide onto the skin as easily as you’d like.

The RevisionIntellishade Original SPF 45 is an anti-aging tinted daily moisturizer with sunscreen. The formula corrects, conceals, protects, brightens, and hydrates the skin all in one. It’s the perfect base for blusher application, giving the skin a beautiful touch of sheer, healthy color.

Pick the Right Shade

Blush isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation. You need to pick the right shade to suit your complexion.

A hue that’s too dark or bright can age you or make you look clown-like instead of giving you that warm, healthy-looking glow.

The secret is choosing a blusher that’s close to your natural flush. To figure out your natural flush, try pinching your cheeks in front of the mirror. You may feel silly doing it, but it’s an easy way to find the best hue for you.

Choose the Right Texture

Both cream and powder blushers can add a lovely flush to your complexion. What type of product you choose depends on the look you’re going for.

Many people prefer cream blushes because they give a really natural glow to the skin. Likewise, creams have more of a skin-like finish. However, if your skin is quite oily or you prefer the matte look, consider a powder blush.

Some people like to use both cream and powder blushers. A bright pop of cream blush can look great with a softer tone of powder shimmied over the top.

Adding cream blusher first makes it appear like the flushing is triggered from the inside rather than sitting on the surface. Then, you can blend and smooth the look with a delicate dusting of powder blush for a nice extra touch.

Apply to the Right Spots

Start by applying your blusher at the apples of the cheeks, as that’s where we typically flush naturally. These are also the bounciest, most noticeable parts of the cheeks. Then, start to work the blusher outwards.

If you’re after a more lifted look, take the blush outwards and towards the temples. You can also apply your blusher in any other areas of the face where you tend to blush naturally.

For the last step, look in the mirror at your cheeks and ensure that the color is even on both sides and looks flattering. If you’ve overapplied your blusher, it’s easy to correct it by blending the shade with your brush or a makeup sponge.

Make any necessary last-minute touch-ups. Congratulations – you’re now the master of applying blush like a pro.

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