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Halloween Skin Care Tips for Wicked Good Skin

Posted by Nikki Wisher on Oct 20th 2022

Halloween Skin Care Tips for Wicked Good Skin

The season of haunts and horrors is upon us, and you probably have your entire costume dreamed up in your head, down to the last terrifying detail. Or maybe you’re more of the “wing it” type. Either way, no one wants to wake up the day after a great Halloween party with a bone-chilling breakout or some frightful inflammation. And that, fellow Halloween revelers, is why we’re here.

Enjoying Halloween while keeping your beautiful skin intact is all about following a few simple tips. Use these skin care tips during your fearful festivities this year.

Choose the Right Face Paints to Avoid Face Pains

As you shop for the perfect face paints for your ornate costume, don’t just grab the first one that has that perfect color you need. Look for face paints that are water-based rather than oil-based.

Water-based face paints are less likely to clog your pores, so especially if you’re acne-prone, these are a must. Water-based face paints are also easier to remove at the end of the night so you won’t be stuck in the bathroom for an hour while irritating your skin with a vigorous cleansing process. Yes, this does mean water-based paints are a bit less immune to your Halloween party antic than oil-based paints, but a setting spray on top of your makeup will give you staying power without the regret.

Clear Ghostly Skin Cells with Exfoliant

How Halloween-appropriate is it to think that we have tiny dead pieces of ourselves on our faces in the form of dead skin cells? You don’t want to feature those in your costume, though. It’s best to exfoliate your skin before you put on your Halloween makeup.

Getting rid of dead skin cells allows your makeup to go on more smoothly and cleanly. That means you get a better look without the need to cake on layer after layer, so it’s a win-win for you and your skin. If you have sensitive skin, though, it’s best to exfoliate the night before you’re dressing up. Putting harsh makeup on freshly exfoliated skin can be a bit much.

Avoid Nightmarish Reactions with a Test Spot

Halloween makeup is made to be vibrant and intense – it’s not made with a ton of consideration for your skin. In fact, many face paints and novelty makeups have chemicals and dyes that can be irritating to your skin, and you may even be allergic to some of the ingredients without realizing it.

That’s why it’s important to do a test spot. Apply some of the makeup to a small and discreet area of your skin. Leave it on for several hours to mimic the circumstances of your Halloween party and then remove it. Keep an eye on the area and see if you develop any type of a reaction, like redness, inflammation, breakouts, or hives. If not, you have the green light to let it fly on Halloween night.

Prevent Scary Staining with a Barrier Cream

It’s a nightmare every face-painting Halloweener has: the makeup doesn’t come off and you have to do the walk of shame into work the next morning with the slept-in shadow of your Joker costume on your face. Yikes.

Even some high-quality makeup can do this, so it’s important to apply a barrier cream before you apply your makeup. This is a type of protective cream that both keeps your skin’s hydration in and keeps unwanted dyes out, so you can be more confident that your makeup will come off cleanly when the party’s over.

Throw Dry Lips in the Dungeon with Hydrating Lipstick

Fake blood can be perfect for Halloween but if your lips get so dry that they crack and bleed for real? Not so great. This time of the year, the air tends to be dry, and one of the first areas that gets dehydrated is your lips. If you’re using lip makeup for your costume, try to use hydrating lip makeup.

One great way to protect and hydrate your lips without sacrificing your look is with the YouthFull Lip Replenisher from Revision, which leaves a super glossy finish to natural lips or can be used over lipstick.

Take Creepy Cleansing a Step Further

When you get home from your Halloween haunt, you want to promptly remove your makeup and use a facial cleanser – that’s a given. But it’s a good idea to give your skin a bit of an extra boost to get rid of any remaining residue or particles from that makeup.

The night after your eerie escapades, use a deep cleansing mask . This goes deeper into your pores and kicks out any remaining bits of your makeup or any other debris that might not be very skin-friendly so you can start November on a clean, nourished note.

Keeping Your Skin Safe This Halloween

The unique Halloween holiday only comes around once every year, so if you’re a fan, go all in and have a great time! Just use the Halloween skin care tips above to make sure your only souvenirs from the holiday are memories, not breakouts or skin damage. Happy Halloween, everyone!