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Got Pep In Your Step? What Peptides Do For Your Skin

Nov 1st 2020

Got Pep In Your Step? What Peptides Do For Your Skin

The last time you heard a skincare ad, how many words did you actually understand? Sometimes advertisers throw out industry terms and ingredients like “collagen synthesis” or “hyaluronic acid” but they don’t explain why those things matter.

The word “peptides” tends to have that problem too. You may have seen that word all over the skincare world but advertisers don’t take the time to explain it, and how many of us want to spend our valuable time Googling it ourselves?

Today is when that guessing game ends. Let’s take a closer look at peptides: what they are, what they do for your skin, and how best to work them into your skincare routine.

What are Peptides?

I promise, this science lesson will be a brief one. Peptides are a specific group of amino acids. You might remember from the science classes of yore that amino acids are the “building blocks” your body uses to create proteins.

When it comes to your skin, your body uses peptides to create specific proteins that are critical to your skin, like collagen and elastin. You’ve probably heard those two terms before too: collagen and elastin are the proteins that make your skin firm, thick, elastic, and youthful. It’s as close to a fountain of youth as we’ll probably get.

Your body actually produces peptides naturally, so it makes its own collagen and elastin. However, as we get older, our bodies produce less of those peptides and less collagen as a result.

While collagen particles are too large to efficiently absorb from the surface of your skin, peptide particles are far smaller. That’s why peptide skincare products are one of the best ways to create new collagen.

How Do Peptides Help Your Skin?

Your body is the ultimate DIYer. Because peptides are building blocks, your body uses them to produce a variety of proteins that benefit your skin in multiple ways.

Restoring Firmness and Elasticity

This is the result that is most well-known and most sought-after from peptides. As we learned above, giving your body more peptides will help it produce more collagen and elastin which make your skin firmer. This means it’s less susceptible to the effects of gravity so you have less sagging and excess skin as you age.

While peptides alone have this benefit, you can see even better results when you use a comprehensive anti-aging product like the Bioelements Age Activist Clinical Youth Serum. This serum contains strong peptides as well as hyaluronic acid, retinol, and vitamin E: three age-fighting powerhouses that will work together to turn back the block.

Boosting Your Line of Defense

Your skin is out there, exposed to the elements and hazards of the world on a daily basis. For that reason, your skin has a natural protective barrier. This provides a defense against pollution and other toxins, sun damage, bacteria, and other threats.

Peptides allow your body to produce the proteins that make up and support that barrier. That means your skin will sustain less damage and will be slower to infections. If you happen to spend a lot of time in a polluted area or in the sun, look for a peptide product specifically meant for damage repair like Babor Calming Cream.

Reducing Inflammation

Inflammation is a common problem in skin, and it has far-reaching consequences. It can affect your skin’s health and even lead to long-term pigmentation changes in your skin. Peptides, however, naturally control and reduce inflammation so you can enjoy a more even skin tone.

Adding More Youthful Volume

People think of firmness as the quality that defines how your skin ages, but volume is a big part of the equation too. While firmness keeps you from sagging, volume is a deciding factor in your wrinkling.

Think of your skin like a balloon. When you blow it up, it’s perfectly smooth. As you deflate it, though, more and more wrinkles start to appear.

The same thing happens to your skin when your collagen decreases with age, because collagen gives your skin its volume. When you add peptides to your skincare routine, your body can produce more collagen so it maintains more of that youthful volume.

Fighting Bacterial Acne

Certain peptides have natural anti-microbial properties, meaning that they combat bacteria. Bacteria is a common cause of acne, especially in adults. For that reason, the right peptide products like HydroPeptide Redefining Serum: Ultra Sheer Clearing Treatment can give you the age-defying peptide benefits while also reducing acne.

Giving Your Skin the Pieces it Needs

It’s incredible how much our bodies can do on their own and how they can turn tiny molecules into critical components of our health. Your skin is no exception, especially when we give it a helping hand with ingredients like peptides. Now that you know the details, you can explore and fine the perfect peptide product for your needs.