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Get Comprehensive Clearance with the PCA Skin New Acne Control Regimen

Posted by Nikki Washer on Sep 10th 2023

Get Comprehensive Clearance with the PCA Skin New Acne Control Regimen

Acne is the most common skin condition in the US, affecting tens of millions of people and an incredible 85% of people between ages 12 and 24. As many advances as the skin care world has made in acne treatments, the fact is that it’s a stubborn condition that varies so much from one person to the next that there’s no surefire path for clearing it. There are, however, several skin care ingredients and therapies that have strong success rates, and the answer is often some combination of these. That’s why PCA Skin has created the ultimate acne-fighting team with its New Acne Control Regimen.

What Is the PCA Skin New Acne Control Regimen?

The PCA Skin New Acne Control Regimen is a kit that includes a full skin care routine catered to kicking acne to the curb. It includes a 60-day supply of four products:

  • Cleanser
  • Light moisturizer
  • Acne cream
  • Retinol treatment

You might be curious about that word “new” in the name – why is it called the “new” acne control regimen? This kit is an updated and improved version of the brand’s popular acne control routine. If you want the latest and greatest for your skin health, this is where to look.

PCA Skin: The New Acne Control Regimen

What is Unique About the PCA Skin New Acne Control Regimen?

There are plenty of reasons why people love the PCA Skin New Acne Control Regimen. First of all, it’s abundantly convenient. No guessing which skin care products will and won’t work together, no trying to piece together a skin care routine by yourself – it’s all there and all you have to do is use it. Second, this particular lineup is a uniquely comprehensive acne-fighting solution. It leans heavily into benzoyl peroxide, a gold standard ingredient for treating acne. Sure, a benzoyl peroxide cleanser alone might work for some, but if it’s not cutting it for you, chances are that this kit will get the job done.

The most unique feature of this acne control kit, though, is the retinol solution. It uses 0.5% pure retinol, and pure retinol is an underutilized tool in fighting acne. Retinol’s superpower is stimulating cell turnover (the process of shedding old and damaged skin cells and replacing them with fresh new cells). While that works great for facial aging, which is what most people use retinol for, this cell turnover also minimizes acne breakouts and the discoloration that can be left behind from inflamed blemishes.

Who Can Benefit from the PCA Skin New Acne Control Regimen?

The PCA Skin New Acne Control Regimen, unsurprisingly, is designed to help anyone and everyone with acne. It can serve people of any age (yes, my adult acne crew, I’m looking at you!) and with many different acne severity levels. You’ve got everything you need in one easy, pretty little package.

How to Get Your Own PCA Skin New Acne Control Regimen

If you’ve officially had it with acne and you’re ready to get clearer skin, we’ve got you. Skin Elite is proud to offer the PCA Skin New Acne Control Regimen delivered to your home. Shop our selection of this and other premium PCA Skin products.