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Foreo: Skincare With A Positive Vibe

Dec 10th 2020

Foreo: Skincare With A Positive Vibe

You’ll see advice everywhere you turn about how to choose the best products to apply to your skin, from cleansers to serums to creams. What ingredients should you look for? Which kinds of products should you include in your routine? Which products are formulated for your skin type?

All that is important, but it’s not the only way to make your skin glow like the sun in springtime. Using the right tools to accompany your skincare products can give you more benefit from every dollar you spend on those products. And who’s the ultimate pro of at-home skincare tools? Foreo, of course!

About Foreo

For being such a fixture in the health and beauty space, Foreo is surprisingly new to the scene. They launched in 2013 with a mere two employees in their Sweden office. Thanks to innovative and truly effective creations (and probably some smart marketing too), they’ve skyrocketed to worldwide popularity with millions of customers around the globe.

If you haven’t used Foreo’s products before, chances are that you’ve at least seen them. Their line of compact devices offers solutions for many aspects of your skincare routine, from cleansing to anti-aging.

Top Foreo Products to Try

If you want to get more from your skincare products without ending up with a 20-step routine, Foreo is your best friend. They offer a variety of health and beauty tools, even including electric toothbrushes and skin-tightening tools, but these are my personal favorites.

Luna Mini 2

Cleansing tools have been Foreo’s claim to fame, and as their product lines have evolved, they’ve only gotten better. The Luna Mini 2, as one of their newer models, is no exception.

The Luna is a vibrating tool with a pad of silicone nibs. You simply apply your cleanser to your face and let the Foreo work its magic as you glide it around on your skin. The combination of the nibs and the vibration will reach deeper into your pores to clear out debris and excess oil.

The challenge with cleansing is that you need a bit of massaging for it to be effective, but you can damage your skin if you scrub too vigorously. The texture, speed, and pressure of a Luna are precisely developed to strike that important balance.

The Luna has multiple intensity modes so you can cater it to your skin’s needs. It also has a one-minute timer to make sure you’re getting a full, comprehensive cleanse. Ultimately, it’s enough to take your cleanser from “meh” to “wow!”

Iris Eye Massager

As much of a stunning focal point as your eyes can be, they also have a tendency to age more quickly than other areas of your face. That’s why Foreo made a tool specifically for those delicate peepers: the Iris eye massager.

This eye massager is a powerful weapon against almost any sign of aging around your eyes: bags under the eyes, crow’s feet, dark circles, you name it. It actually works in a few different ways with different massage modes.

One mode is based around lymphatic drainage massage: a medical massage technique that helps your body flush out cellular waste. That reduces swelling (we’re looking at you, under-eye puffiness) and encourages healthy blood flow which keeps your skin fuller, smoother, and younger.

The Iris can also do a tapping type of massage, which stems from a popular massage in medical spas across Asia. It has many of the same advantages as lymphatic drainage: stimulating blood flow and providing overall more youthful eye contours.


Anti-aging is great and all, but what about no matter how few wrinkles you have, no one wants breakouts either. Not to leave anyone out, Foreo created a tool for the acne-prone too: the Espada.

Espada is a blue light therapy wand. Blue light therapy is actually a treatment dermatologists and aestheticians use to treat acne, and now you can enjoy it in the comfort of home rather than an antiseptic-scented office.

This particular wavelength of blue light kills the type of bacteria that causes acne. Despite what most people believe, acne doesn’t always come from oil. Bacteria is at least one of the main factors for many people with acne, and in some cases, it’s the top culprit. The Espada puts the power in your hands to kill that bacteria and reduce breakouts.

Battery-Powered Empowerment for Your Skincare Routine

If your skincare could use some extra oomph, it doesn’t mean you have to rethink your entire routine. Adding a tool or two based on your specific goals could make all the difference, and Foreo is the way to go.