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Five Skincare Trends to Follow in 2021

Posted by Ellie Swain on Jan 16th 2021

Five Skincare Trends to Follow in 2021

Congratulations! We’ve finally made it to 2021, and what a year 2020 was. Like us, our skin has been on one hell of a ride. We’ve tried plenty of lotions and potions trapped in lockdown, battled with ‘maskne’, and have vowed to put more effort into our skin with all our extra time spent at home.

So, what’s in store for our faces in 2021? It’s time to learn five skincare trends for the New Year.

At-Home Skincare

We’ve already dabbled in recreating the spa experience at home in 2020 thanks to extended lockdowns and the closures of salons and beauty establishments. But in 2021, the concept of at-home skincare is going to grow.

The idea is that if you can’t make it to the spa, you can easily bring it home. With plenty of practice being at home confined, we have more time to treat our skin. Because of this, there’s been a rise in innovative (and sometimes pricy) skincare tools and devices.

Skincare technology has developed rapidly, and now there’s a whole host of exciting devices available to gift you beautiful skin at home. Think LED light therapy masks that you can wear while tapping away at your laptop at home or mechanical cleansers to rejuvenate the skin before you hit the hay.

While in the past, these types of devices may have been bought as a novelty and cast aside in the corner of an unused bathroom cabinet, without the chance to head to the salon for professional treatment, many are making the most of such technologies.

Probiotic Ingredients

While most of us think of taking probiotics to settle our stomachs, in 2021, there will be a whole collection of probiotic skincare products designed to benefit the skin.

Live probiotics are strains of good bacteria that keep your digestive system healthy. But these powerful microorganisms also work wonders for the skin, improving wound and scar healing, revitalizing the skin, and treating inflammatory problems like eczema. If you’re concerned with premature aging, then probiotic ingredients are excellent for reducing fine lines' appearance.

Bioelements’ Probiotic Anti-Aging Serum is one of our first products featuring the good stuff. The age-resistant probiotic facial serum contains a natural microflora balance essential to help the skin remain youthful and strong. The innovative formula is teeming with active probiotics immersed in soy and rice milk proteins to combat the visible effects of premature aging, including lines and wrinkles.

Online Skincare Services

With so many of us spending more time at home, online skincare services have boomed in popularity. While we’re hoping for fewer lockdowns in 2021, there’s no denying that online skincare services such as dermatology consultations are convenient.

Online skincare platforms often provide a quick and easy way to receive referrals for great products for your skin, as well as ways to purchase them.

Blue-Light Protection Skincare

Blue light is scientifically known as high energy visible (HEV) light, and it is emitted from tech screens like your phone and laptop, as well as from the sun, alongside UV rays.

Unfortunately, all that late-night scrolling through Instagram isn’t great for your skin, as it may deliver similar signs of photoaging. When blue light penetrates the skin, DNA damage occurs, leading to hyperpigmentation, similar to how UV damage develops sunspots.

Fortunately, in 2021, we’ll see the growth of skincare products designed to protect against the adverse effects of blue light. With so many of us staring at screens all day, this is more important than ever.

One ingredient ideal for protecting the skin against blue light is algae. As the ingredient floats on the top of the sea, it’s extremely exposed to the sun. Because of this, it has wonderful UV protection.

Revision’s C+ Correcting Complex 30% is infused with patent-pending MelaPATH™ technology that protects against and corrects the damaging effects of free radicals created from blue light and urban dust. With regular use, refined, rejuvenated, and glowing skin is revealed.

Improved Sunscreen Technologies

We already know that wearing SPF daily helps prevent skin cancer and combat the visible signs of aging. But in 2021, sunscreen technologies are going to get better.

A vast portion of the population experiences pigmentation problems, which in darker skin tones results partly from the synergistic action of UVA-1 and visible light from the sun. Based on recent scientific data, this can only be properly blocked by sunscreens containing iron oxide, and at the moment, there aren’t many of these on the market.

As we learn more about visible light and how it affects the skin, beauty brands are likely to respond accordingly and start creating innovative sunscreens packed with the right ingredients to address specific issues.

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