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Eye Creams, Gels, or Masks: Which is Right For You?

Posted by Ellie Swain on Jan 20th 2023

Eye Creams, Gels, or Masks: Which is Right For You?

While many of us seek to improve the appearance of puffy, dark, or wrinkled eyes, the overwhelming amount of options available can be overwhelming. There are eye creams, gels, and masks – so what do you go for?

The one thing eye masks, creams, and gels have in common is that they all nourish the eyes.

The main difference between an eye cream and a gel is their texture. Eye masks, on the other hand, are cut-outs that are packed full of components that deliver extra nourishment and moisture to the skin around the eyes.

Keep reading to learn more about eye creams, gels, and masks and what sets them apart.

Eye Creams

Eye creams usually contain a combination of vitamins A, C, and E. They also typically contain anti-aging antioxidants. Eye creams are ideal for those wanting to banish dark circles thanks to their brightening agents.

The naturally occurring moisturizing ingredients in eye creams quickly absorb into the skin around the eye area to brighten and firm, producing visible results.

The Biopelle Tensage Radiance Eye Cream is a lightly tinted formula to help even skin tone around the eye area while firming and tightening it. It’s teeming with antioxidants for daily protection, peptides to improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and brightening agents to illuminate sleepy eyes.

Eye Gels

Eye gels are ideal for smoothing, refreshing, and reducing puffiness in the delicate eye area in the morning, thanks to their cooling effect. Most eye gels offer a soft, smooth feel when applied. They often work nicely under makeup, unlike creams, and don’t cause concealer to show up in lines or smudge eyeliner and mascara.

If you’re looking for an eye gel, consider the PCA Skin Ideal Complex Revitalizing Eye Gel. This gel has a light, silky texture to lift, firm, and strengthen the skin around the eye area, including the eyelid. With consistent use, expect dramatic results, especially with aging skin.

Eye Masks

Eye masks are often usually more of a luxury, one-use item to relax with as a treat. They’re a great way to absorb the ingredients and components you need to look after your delicate eyes.

The latest eye masks on the market are more effective and deliver wonderful benefits to the eyes. They usually provide a short boost of goodness to the eye area but offer long-term results.

For the best effects, team an eye mask with brightening or anti-aging skincare products.

There are plenty of eye masks available to choose from, but we love the Murad X Dr Zion Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Mask. This premium extra-large eye mask delivers an instant retinol boost to reduce fine lines and visibly firm and refresh the skin. It’s the perfect eye mask to enjoy on a relaxing night with friends and a nourishing face mask.

What are the main differences between eye creams, gels, and masks?

As mentioned, the main difference between eye creams and gels is the texture. Eye creams are usually thicker and heavier, while gels are thinner with a more revitalizing, cooling effect. Eye masks are usually a one-use product packed with high-quality ingredients to deliver to the skin.

All three products deliver the same skin-friendly benefits, whether they contain hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, caffeine, or other ingredients. However, the short-term effects depend on the formula.

Because of their lightweight texture, gels are an excellent choice for morning makeup routines. They usually layer well under makeup and won’t melt as easily as creams from sun and sweat.

Creams can smear makeup and are usually richer, so they work better for nighttime wear to work their magic as you snooze. Apply a thick layer of eye cream to soak into your skin while you sleep for extra hydration.

There are even night eye creams that are specifically designed for use while you snooze.

Do certain skin types benefit from one formula over the other?

We’re all taught that skin type generally plays a key part in deciding which products fit you best. However, skin type isn't so important when it comes to choosing between eye creams, gels, and masks.

Eye creams, gels, and masks aim to provide the same long-term anti-aging benefits and are suitable for most skin types.

If your skin is drier, you might prefer creams' rich, nourishing texture. If you have oily skin, consider a cooling eye gel. Whatever you choose, eye creams, gels, and masks will all provide you with a moisturized, healthy, and brighter eye area.

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