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Everything you need to know about eyebrow conditioners

Feb 5th 2022

Everything you need to know about eyebrow conditioners

Eyebrows are probably one of the most underrated and underutilized areas on your face. From eyebrow pencils to eyebrow powders and eyebrow gels, we use anything we can get our hands on to make them pop while focusing on our eyes more than anything else. Perhaps eyebrow products are the most important eyebrow accessory to have.

While eyebrow cosmetics have their own range of benefits , today we're going to talk about eyebrow conditioners - what exactly they do and how they help you achieve eyebrow goals. We will also touch upon one of our favorite eyebrow conditioners, so you know which is the right pick for you!

What Is An Eyebrow Conditioner?

RevitaBrow Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner

Eyebrow conditioners, which can either be an eyebrow serum or eyebrow cream, differ from eyebrow pencils and eyebrow gels as they're not intended to darken the eyebrows but rather help them grow thicker and longer.

Eyebrow conditioners work by nourishing hair follicles so that your brow hair becomes stronger, coarser and darker. After a few months of using a good eyebrow conditioner, you should notice fuller and healthier looking brows. The best part about eyebrow conditioners is that many women experience results after just a few weeks of use!

Again, whether it's an eyebrow gel or an eyebrow serum, don't expect it to produce immediate results. It takes time for eyebrow hair to grow back naturally, eyebrow conditioners simply step up the process by strengthening your eyebrow hairs while making them more resilient.

Eyebrow conditioners are also great for reviving thinning brows or eyebrow hairs that have simply stopped growing due to stress, malnutrition, medication or age. Eyebrow serums contain higher concentrations of active ingredients than eyebrow creams do, which is why eyebrow serums are better suited for situations where eyebrow growth needs a little boost.

Conditioning brows is a relatively new concept but one that has already become extremely popular among women. Because eyebrow conditioners work by nourishing your eyebrow hairs, they're also extremely effective at making them grow thicker and longer.

Which products should I start off with?

Revitalash's RevitaBrow Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner is definitely the eyebrow conditioner to beat when it comes to eyebrow growth products. Made with biotin, green tea and an abundance of essential antioxidants - this eyebrow conditioner really does increase eyebrow hair thickness within 3-4 weeks of use! Users also reported denser, healthier looking eyebrows after using this product;

The Revitabrow advanced eyebrow conditioner is ideal for eyebrow growth as it contains the active ingredient - Biotin which has been scientifically proven to stimulate eyebrow hair growth.

The eyebrow conditioner is also Ophthalmologist-made, and is gluten-free, oil-free, hypoallergenic and paraben-free too! A total win-win for your brows.

How are eyebrow conditioners helpful in growing eyebrows?

Eyebrow Conditioner

Eyebrow serums and eyebrow creams are formulated with the same active ingredients , which is why eyebrow conditioners work for both eyebrow growth and eyebrow maintenance. The only difference between eyebrow creams and eyebrow serums is that eyebrow serums contain a higher concentration of active ingredients which helps them grow thicker, darker eyebrow hair a lot quicker.

Still, the question remains, how exactly do eyebrow conditioners like Revitalash's eyebrow growth serum help eyebrow hair grow back thicker and healthier?

To answer, eyebrow conditioners contain many scientifically-proven eyebrow enhancing the actives which act as eyebrow hair growth stimulants.

Biotin is one of the most common active ingredients found in eyebrow serums because it acts directly on eyebrow follicles to promote regrowth by increasing their size (which makes them stronger, thicker and more resilient).

Does an eyebrow serum actually work to make your eyebrows healthier, stronger and shinier?

The answer to this question is yes! There have been several studies on the efficacy of using biotin as a treatment for stimulating eyebrow growth. In one of the recently published studies, it was noted that women who used 2% topical application of Biotin exhibited better eyebrow hair length compared to those who used topical application of Minoxidil.

Which is why, if you're looking to grow longer eyebrow hair naturally, products like the Revitalash conditioner can definitely help. Simply apply a small amount of this product twice daily and in about 3-4 weeks your eyebrows will be noticeably thicker and healthier!

Remember though, patience is key.

In conclusion,

Eyebrow conditioners do work and will make eyebrow hair grow longer.

However, eyebrow growth takes patience; don't expect to see results after a week of using an eyebrow serum! It usually takes about 3-4 weeks for eyebrow hair to start growing back thicker and healthier, and eyebrow conditioners like the revitalash eyebrow conditioner should definitely be included in your eyebrow care routine if you're looking for long-term eyebrow growth.

To help maintain healthy, strong eyebrows between eyebrow growth sessions, try applying a serum or conditioners like Revitalash Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner. Still, it’s important to note that eyebrow conditioners do work but they won't make eyebrow hair grow back thicker overnight. Give these eyebrow serums a month or two and your eyebrows will be noticeably healthier, stronger and longer!