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Ethical, High-Quality Skincare from Revision

Mar 10th 2021

Ethical, High-Quality Skincare from Revision

March is cruelty-free month, and this week we’re introducing one of our favorite ethical beauty brands, Revision Skincare.

For years, many skincare companies have tested their formulas on animals. Today, high-quality brands like Revision Skincare are proving that the unethical practice of animal testing is unnecessary in producing excellent skincare solutions.

Learn more about Revision Skincare as a brand, along with some of our favorite cruelty-free products from the line here.

The Ethos of Revision Skincare

Revision Skincare is a cruelty-free brand on the cutting edge of skin science. The company first started the microbiome movement to connect to the power of the skin’s natural environment. They were also the first to produce all-mineral, non-chemical sunscreens with a tint that evens the skin tone.

The brand uses new and innovative ingredients to create high-quality, cruelty-free formulas that are not only good for the environment but work wonders for the skin.

Revision Skincare was designed to transform the way professional skincare results are delivered. The brand is passionate that a beautiful, glowing, and youthful-looking complexion is possible to achieve without compromising the skin’s long-term health.

The company’s unique formulation philosophy leads to improved treatment methods and challenging traditional approaches for impressive and powerful results. Revision Skincare’s formulas are validated by physicians and are used by experienced skincare professionals worldwide.

The scientists behind Revision Skincare’s products pour their hearts out into carefully developing new formulas for the brand. The team is driven by a profound passion for creating solutions that can be used by people globally that deliver excellent skincare benefits.

As mentioned, Revision Skincare scientists follow the highest values of ingredient selection teamed with effective processes to ensure that the ingredients’ purity and strength are maintained. Every single product from the Revision Skincare collection is formulated with dependable attention to detail and an uncompromising commitment to delivering the greatest solutions, so you know your complexion is in the very best hands.

Remember, Revision Skincare doesn’t offer its formulas through individuals, street vendors, internet auctions, or unauthorized online retailers. So, always be careful when purchasing your new Revision Skincare. You don’t want a fake or ingenuine product, after all.

When a formula is purchased from an unauthorized retailer, Revision Skincare cannot guarantee the safety, quality, authenticity, and efficacy of the product.

Ensure you receive the high-quality, wonderful products from Revision Skincare by purchasing exclusively from authorized Revision Skincare professionals and retailers – so you can reap the skincare goodness that the brand provides.

Our Top Picks

It was hard to choose our favorite products from the expansive Revision Skincare collection, but we’ve given it our best shot. Here are some of our top picks formulated by Revision Skincare. You’re welcome.

Revision Vitamin K Serum

The Revision Vitamin K Serum is a lightweight, oil-free formula that calms and conditions the skin. The product is packed full of an antioxidant blend including phytonadione, a powerful form of vitamin K, and arnica Montana extract, a natural botanical extract that soothes and settles angry, red skin.

The serum is super easy to use. Apply to clean skin, either in a localized area or over the entire face. For the most effective results, use twice daily before applying a nourishing moisturizer.

Don’t forget to follow with sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s harsh UV rays.

Revision Pore Purifying Clay Mask

Do you dream of having super-smooth, clean, and fresh skin? Then reach for the Revision Black Mask for an intensive, deep purifying facial treatment. The mask rids the skin of impurities, excess sebum, and other unwanted toxins leaving the complexion squeaky clean and smooth.

The clay mask features natural exfoliators that boost cell turnover, smoothing the skin and lessening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. What’s more, anti-inflammatory agents calm and heal the skin for a more even complexion.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the cooling feel of the mask on your skin as you take in the invigorating peppermint scent wafting from the formula. Heaven!

Revision Soothing Facial Rinse

The Revision Soothing Facial Rinse is a gentle, alcohol-free toner that refreshes and hydrates fragile and delicate skin following cleansing. If you suffer from spider veins around the nose, cheek, and chin area, this restorative toner works particularly well to reduce the appearance of them.

After cleansing, apply the facial rinse to a cotton pad. Then, gentle swipe across the face or the desired treatment areas. For the best results, use twice daily, morning and evening.