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Down the Aisle with a Smile: The Pre-Wedding Skincare Routine I Wish I'd Used

Posted by Nikki Wisher on Oct 30th 2020

Down the Aisle with a Smile: The Pre-Wedding Skincare Routine I Wish I'd Used

Ah, that magical day we all think about at some point: our wedding day. Some people dream of it for years and have planned every detail for decades (until they realize how much it all costs, that is). For others, it doesn’t cross their mind until they’re engaged and suddenly, they realize, “Oh wow, I’m about to have a wedding.”

No matter where you fall on that spectrum, no one wants to look at their wedding pictures and zoom in on blotchy, blemish-filled skin.

Truth be told, I’ve already had my march down the aisle a few years ago. At the time, I didn’t know squat about skincare. I took more of the “I’ll pile on tons of makeup so no one can see my skin” approach.

If you’re coming up on that oh-so-special day of your own (or any special occasion for that matter), take it from me and use the skincare routine I missed out on.

Put Deep Cleaning on the Schedule

Have you ever had to clean something really dirty? I mean really dirty, with years of yuck embedded into its very soul. If you have, you know that you usually can’t get to back to sparkling clean in one go.

I’m not saying your skin is that dirty, but you’d be surprised how much of a buildup you can develop from air pollution, dead skin cells, natural oils, and anything else that touches your skin.

If you aren’t consistent with washing your face, it’s time to make that a priority. I know, when you’re planning a wedding, the last thing you need is one more daily task on your to-do list, but you’ll thank yourself later.

On top of washing your face twice per day, you need to add exfoliation into the mix to get a deeper clean. Whether you use a chemical exfoliant like a hydroxy acid or a textured exfoliant, choose one and work it into your routine two or three times per week.

If you don’t already exfoliate regularly, try starting by using it once per week so your skin gets used to it without too much inflammation.

Mask Any Problems

I’ll confess: I’m a major maskaholic. I discovered them far later in life than I’m proud of, but since then they’ve been my go-to every time a see a wrinkle of a hint of dryness.

As you get ready for your wedding, do a serious skin inventory and make a list of the issues you want to tackle. No matter what your skin problems are, chances are that there’s a mask for it.

Personally, I’m in a constant battle with crow’s feet and dark circles under my eyes, so the Phytomer eye cream is one of my favorites. If you’re more concerned about overall facial aging, try a lifting mask instead.

Embrace the Power of Retinol

When it comes to facial aging, retinol is the absolute gold standard. It’s about as effective of a product as you can get without schlepping to a spa and shelling out hundreds of dollars, not to mention plenty of your precious time, for a professional skin treatment.

In other words,  retinol is an absolute necessity when you’re getting your skin ready for an important event.

The only hitch is that retinol can irritate your skin at first, especially if your skin is sensitive. That’s why you need to start using it as early as possible so your skin can get friendly with the retinol before the big day arrives.

As with exfoliant, start slow with your retinol. Try using it once every week and then step it up to two or possibly three times per week. Above all, make sure you only use it at night because retinol and sun exposure aren’t a good combination.

Moisturize in the Morning

Everyone tells you to moisturize your skin, but a lot of people are just passing on the advice they were given – they can’t actually tell you what moisturizer does for your skin’s appearance. Allow me.

Hydrating your skin makes it feel more comfortable, but when it comes to its cosmetic purpose, it’s all about the short-term. If your skin is dry, the skin looks older and more wrinkled. Moisturizer infuses it with that ever-important hydration which plumps the skin. That leaves your face looking fuller, smoother, and more youthful.

It’s a good idea to moisturize in the morning and evening on a regular basis, but if you do nothing else, definitely moisturize on the morning of your wedding and for the week leading up to it.

I’m Ready for My Close-Up. Are You?

Your wedding is a day you expect to remember for the rest of your life but trust me: it goes by so quickly that you’ll need your photos to bring back those memories. You don’t want to look at your skin with regret every time you pull out those pictures.

Put my own regret to good use and use the tips above to get bombshell skin for your wedding or another other special occasion you have on the books.