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Constantly Fighting Your Skin? Here Are the Skincare Crimes You May Be Committing

Posted by Ellie Swain on Oct 30th 2020

Constantly Fighting Your Skin? Here Are the Skincare Crimes You May Be Committing

You’re investing time, money, and effort into your skincare routine, so why isn’t your skin clearing up?

While you may be splashing out on pricey products and following a strict regime, you may be guilty of committing certain skincare crimes without realizing. In some cases, all that hard work and effort can become undone with some simple errors.

Want to find out if you’re sinning against your skincare? Read on to learn the most common skincare crimes, and how you can avoid making them.

Swapping Products Too Often

Are you a product junkie? While you may love experimenting with the latest miracle lotion or potion, every time you change your skincare products, your skin needs to adapt to the new ingredients.

This can often lead to an imbalance between the old new products, resulting in breakouts, irritation, and sensitivity of the skin.

When it comes to having a successful skincare routine, consistency is key. Your skin needs a few weeks to acclimatize to a new product, otherwise, you won’t be able to see the true effect it has.

If you love trying new products, try to reign it in a bit and only invest in products you truly feel will improve your skincare routine. And never try a handful of new products at once because if your skin does react badly, you won’t know which is the problem product!

Picking Spots and Breakouts

We’ve all heard this one a trillion times. Never pick your spots and breakouts!

Yet this is one skincare crime we’re all guilty of. For some reason, there’s something so tempting about squeezing that whitehead sitting on your skin. And by the time we realize our mistake, it’s too late. The instant gratification isn’t worth it!

Not only is your skin left with bloodied, red, and open sores that will take way longer to heal, but the spread of bacteria around the skin is likely to encourage more breakouts. Plus, there’s the added worry of potential scarring. Fantastic.

Resist the temptation of picking, and instead use a spot treatment to cover the pimples and blemishes that you’d otherwise squeeze. PCA’s skin acne gel featuring salicylic acid not only combats existing spots, but it also works to prevent future breakouts.

Not Washing Makeup Brushes Often Enough

We all know we’re supposed to wash our makeup brushes, sponges, and beauty blenders regularly. But in reality, our most-used tools only get a good wash on occasion.

According to make-up artists, you should be cleaning your beauty tools every one to two weeks!

While this may seem like a lot of work, think about all the makeup product, bacteria, and oils that sink into those tools. While your skincare routine may be fantastic, re-applying old bacteria onto your face every time you apply a face of makeup is bound to cause breakouts.

Going to Bed Without Cleaning Your Face

We’ve all been there. You’ve had a few drinks on a Friday night and by the time you get home, you can barely keep your eyes open let alone wash your makeup off and complete your skincare routine.

However, going to bed with a full face of makeup isn’t worth it. After a day and night of wearing it, your skin is coated with a mixture of old products, excess oils, bacteria, and pollution. Can you imagine the effect sleeping in that will have on your skin?

Your pores will clog up, causing new breakouts and pimples. Additionally, that gunky mixture will transfer onto your pillow, which can shift back onto your skin on those nights you do clean your face. It’s a vicious circle of bacteria!

For those nights you want to wash your face quickly yet thoroughly, opt for no-rinse micellar water so you can wipe your face clean in seconds. a soothing micellar water gently removes all traces of makeup from the face and eyes and works to soften the skin as you sleep through that hangover.

Not Drinking Enough Water

Here’s another classic that can’t be left off the list.

We all know that drinking water is great for your skin, but with such busy lifestyles, it can be easy to forget to top up on the H2O.

Health authorities recommend drinking around two liters a day, but if you live in a hotter climate or are very physically active, it should be more.

The benefits of drinking lots of water are plentiful – it reduces fine lines and wrinkles, improves the skin’s complexion, reduces puffiness, induces healing, clears acne, and slows aging. It may be the cheapest and most effective beauty treatment around!

Try to make a habit of staying on top of your water intake. Always carry a bottle around with you and be sure to drink water as soon as you wake up and as soon as you fall asleep.

If you struggle with downing the H2O, download a water drinking app such as My Water Balance or set yourself alarms on your phone to remind you throughout the day. Eventually, you’ll pick up the habit and you’ll get used to drinking water regularly.

Applying Products in the Wrong Order

You’ve purchased the quality products – but for some reason, your skin is still left irritated and sore.

Have you done your research on how to apply your products? Because if you don’t apply your products in the correct order, you could end up doing more damage than good. With the wrong application, your skin may become confused and breakout – not ideal.

Lucky for you, we’ve broken the down the order product by product, so you know exactly what goes on throughout every step of your skincare routine. That way, your well-invested products can work together the best they can to combat any skin troubles.

Here’s the correct way to apply your skincare routine.