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Cellex-C For Glowing Skin

Dec 6th 2020

Cellex-C For Glowing Skin

You may have already heard about using vitamin C for glowing, gorgeous skin. If you’re interested in trying this trending skincare ingredient, then it’s time to discover Cellex-C. Cellex-C is an innovative skincare brand that first pioneered worldwide interest in the use of vitamin C for improving skin health.

Cellex-C offers a versatile collection of products to help you reach your skincare goals, from firming eye creams to soothing milk cleansers to advanced anti-wrinkle serums.

Keep reading to learn more about this ground-breaking skincare brand and to discover some of our favorite Cellex-C formulas on the market.

Ready? Let’s go.

The Ethos of Cellex-C

Launched in 1991, Cellex-C is the leading brand of vitamin C skincare. Introducing the first topical ascorbic acid formulation to be effectively commercialized, Cellex-C paved the way for worldwide interest in vitamin C's topical use for promoting a radiant, flawless complexion.

So, what makes Cellex-C’s vitamin C products so special? Well, the synergy of the original patented complex teamed with exclusive technology invented by Cellex-C sets its products apart from all others, delivering results that no other formulas can duplicate.

Cellex-C has a scientific background, based on the findings of the Bioderm patent co-invented by Dr. Lorraine Meisner. The complex was first developed during the mid-1980s resulting from clinical studies on wound healing and linked connective tissue disease.

A correlation was identified between a deficiency in L-ascorbic acid (a specific type of vitamin C), tyrosine plus zinc, and aged or photo-damaged skin. The patented complex was then paired with a phytochemical composition to help absorb the nutrients deep into the skin.

Since then, the success of Cellex-C has grown and grown. The visual effects of Cellex-C products are remarkable. Over the past 20 years, it’s been possible to identify the impressive long-term impacts of the continued use of Cellex-C.

Our Top Picks

Why not use Cellex-C’s innovative products by implementing a daily care skin routine from the brand? Cellex-C skincare regimens help address all complexions' needs, whether you have aging, dry, oily, or another skin type.

Here are some of our top picks from Cellex-C’s diverse skincare collection if you need some inspiration.

Cellex-C Advanced-C Eye Firming Cream

The skin around our eyes is incredibly delicate, which is why it’s essential to take care of it. To help boost skin elasticity and resilience, reach for the Cellex-C Advanced Eye Firming Cream. The light formula can be applied easily, and the skin drinks it up quickly, leaving the eye area soft, smooth, and supple.

With regular use, welcome the reduction of visible signs of aging and wave goodbye to fine lines, wrinkles, and crows’ feet. Though it depends on each person, you can generally see a clear improvement within six to eight weeks of continued use.

The good news is that the formula is incredibly well-tolerated and suitable for most skin types, including sensitive ones.

Cellex-C Advanced-C Serum

The Cellex-C Advanced-C Serum is a lightweight and oil-free formula consisting of a high concentration of Cellex-C complex ingredients and plenty of potent free radical scavengers and collagen protectors.

Use this magic serum regularly to dramatically lessen aging's visible signs, including fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, and age spots. Within six to eight weeks, users should notice a significant improvement in the skin's elasticity and resilience. Plus, your complexion should appear firmer and smoother with enhanced texture, tone, and radiance.

Like the eye firming cream above, this serum is exceptionally well tolerated and can be used by people with all skin types without worrying about troublesome skin reactions.

Cellex-C Betaplex Clear Complexion Mask

Sometimes there’s no better feeling than relaxing after a hard day’s work with a soothing mask soaking into your skin to improve your complexion.

For skin that’s screaming out for some TLC, the Cellex-C Betaplex Clear Complexion Mask is ideal. The refreshing herbal formula smells heavenly, delicately scented with botanical oils, including peppermint, menthol, and eucalyptus.

Alpha and beta hydroxy acids deliver gentle exfoliation, while antiseptic herbs and botanicals calm stressed-out skin.

Expect a clear, fresh, and radiant complexion free from blemishes and acne lesions with regular use. Plus, the clear complexion mask can be used by both men and women.

Cellex-C Betaplex Gentle Cleansing Milk

This pale pink, creamy milk wipes away surface grime, pollution, and make-up from the skin, leaving you with a clear and flawless complexion. Packed with alpha and beta hydroxy acids and botanical extracts, the Cellex-C Betaplex Gentle Cleansing Milk dramatically improves the skin’s appearance with continued use.

The gentle solution thoroughly cleanses and unclogs pores while buffing away the skin's dry, thickened outer layer. The milk can be used by women and men with all skin types, apart from oily and acne-prone skin. Expect skin to appear clearer and firmer within five to eight weeks of daily use.

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