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Filter-Free: How to Celebrate National Selfie Day with Confidence

Posted by Nikki Wisher on Jun 21st 2022

Filter-Free: How to Celebrate National Selfie Day with Confidence

Happy National Selfie Day! Didn’t have that holiday on your calendar? It’s okay because quite frankly, one scroll through anyone’s Instagram feed will tell you that every day is Selfie Day. But in honor of today’s holiday, we’d like to take a moment to talk about selfies and confidence.

There are many concerns about “selfie culture” or the constant stream of pics putting a higher priority on appearance. To be honest, it’s a fair criticism, and these issues don’t seem to be going anywhere.

Instead of spending National Selfie Day paying homage to beauty worshipping, let’s spend it focusing on using selfies for better means. Try these ideas for celebrating this day ditching the never-ending beauty contest and instead feeling confident and loving what shows up on that camera.

Harness and Accentuate Your Favorite Features

When we look in the mirror or check to see how our latest pic turned out, many of us have a tendency to zoom in on the negatives and focus on everything we don’t like about our appearance. I say “us” because I’m fully guilty of this too.

The truth is that most other people don’t notice those “flaws” at all, and if they do, they barely pay them any mind. So why should you think about them? Get into the habit of looking at your selfies and focusing on the parts of yourself that you love, whether it’s your cute nose, your richly pigmented lips, or the life in your eyes. It suddenly becomes a whole different picture.

Prioritize Health Over Aesthetics

Nothing is more beautiful than your health – full stop. When snapping selfies, so many of us spend far too much time focusing on a temporary look, so we end up caking on the makeup. Instead, renew your focus on healthier skin instead of covering unhealthy skin with makeup. When you’re treating your skin right with things like daily cleansing and drinking plenty of water, it has an unmistakable vitality that no amount of contouring makeup can create.

Embrace Your Natural Skin Tone

We all come in our own varying shades of skin tone because it’s part of who we are, and yet so many of us put time and energy into trying to “tweak” it. Some people use slightly off-shade foundation, some use filters that affect their shade, and some risk skin cancer to get a tan. Truth be told, the skin tone that best complements your features and your natural beauty is the one that’s natural to you, so snap a selfie of that gorgeous skin!

Give a Gift to Younger Generations

A culture of overly prioritized beauty isn’t just harmful to us. In fact, it’s even more harmful to the younger generations who are watching us.

When kids grow up seeing social media, movies, and other media that exclusively show people who are aesthetically polished and people whose every flaw and pore is smoothed away by filters, they think that’s what they should look like. Even though they know Photoshop and filters exist, they can’t help feeling like they aren’t measuring up because they don’t look like those shots of perfection. This was true when I was growing up and it’s still true today.

On this National Selfie Day, why not make Instagram a little more human-friendly? Instead of Photoshopping your selfie into oblivion, let’s grab the makeup remover and post something that’s raw and unfiltered. Give the next generation the gift of seeing adults who are celebrating and loving who they are instead of jumping through hoops to look a certain way.

Make Your Selfie About More Than Your Looks

Yes, a selfie is a picture you take of yourself, but it doesn’t have to feature your face alone. Why not take some of the attention away from appearances and instead post a selfie that features something that makes you happy?

It could be something you’re proud of like your latest craft project or an award you’ve won. Or, it could be a picture with the person who makes you laugh the most. Regardless, send the message that physical beauty isn’t the only quality to be celebrated.

Turn Your Selfie into a Bonding Activity

The best pictures always come from times when we’re just embracing life and having a great time, and that’s true with selfies too. Instead of getting your National Selfie Day selfie by trying pose after pose by yourself, grab some buds and make an outing of it. Scout out the best locations and have fun posing each other or trying to re-create some of the top pics you’ve seen on Instagram. Not only will you have more fun this way but you’ll capture what is always the best smile: an authentic smile.

Making the Most of National Selfie Day

National Selfie Day doesn’t have to be a holiday when we glorify the culture of appearances above all. It can be a day when we take back our confidence and remind ourselves that there is beauty in joy and health, and that it doesn’t matter what our pores look like or if we have lines under our eyes. Wishing you all a confident and joyous National Selfie Day!