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Myth or Not: Can The Sun Cure Acne?

Posted by Ellie Swain on Jun 10th 2022

Myth or Not: Can The Sun Cure Acne?

Most of us have experienced acne at some point in our lives. It can be uncomfortable, embarrassing, and downright annoying.

While many lotions, potions, and prescription treatments are available, sunbathing has long been discussed as a home remedy for curing acne.

But can the sun really cure acne? What really happens to our zits in the sun?

Can beams of sunshine actually zap those bad boys away? Or is it that when you chill out on holiday, so does your oil production?

We’re here to get to the bottom of it: can the sun cure acne?

Can the Sun Cure Acne?

Many people rave that their skin clears up as soon as they have a sunbathing session on vacation. And that may well be the case for them.

Certain waves of light, like blue, can help banish p.acne, a strain of bacteria that spreads acne. We also know that blue and red light together may help to destroy sebum, the oil from your sebaceous glands that can block pores.

But while some people find lounging in the sunshine tackles their acne problems, this method isn’t for everyone. While it could be the case that a specific light frequency emitted by the sun helps some people with acne, there’s no current scientific evidence to prove it.

Likewise, many people claim that their skin worsens and flares up when they go on vacation rather than get better. It all depends on the person.

How Can the Sun Clear Acne?

When you head out on your summer break, remember that you’re taking a retreat from your stressful life. And we all know that the skin and stress don’t combine well. Feeling relaxed on holiday can also affect your skin – there’s a reason why people get that vacation glow.

Also, if you’re tanned from the sun, any redness from your acne is likely significantly dialed down, making your skin look clearer than it is.

While this sounds great for your acne, there’s a flipside. If you’re slathering on heavy-duty sun creams that your skin isn’t used to, it might flare up.

If this is the case for you, try using a mineral sunscreen that’s gentler on your skin. The Murad City Skin Age Defence Broad Spectrum SPF 50 is an ultra-light, 100% mineral formula that protects your skin against multiple types of light damage.

That includes indoor blue light from your laptop screen or outdoor UVA and UVB from the beaming sun.

The sunscreen absorbs super quickly without any ashy residue, leaving a glowing, pearlized finish on the skin. It’s safe for sensitive skin and fragrance-free, too – win-win.

Think Twice about the Risks

You may think it’s worth a try, lounging under the sun and waiting for your zits to get zapped. But, whether it does or doesn’t work, you may want to think twice about the risks.

Exposing ourselves to excess sun heightens our risk of premature aging and skin cancer. Even that warm tan shows that your skin has been slightly damaged.

While basking under the sun is one of life’s wonderful pleasures, make sure you wear your SPF 50 and stay out of the hot midday heat.

How to Treat Acne without the Sun

For clear, pimple-free skin, it’s essential to focus on the right skincare products.

Use a mild, non-foaming comedogenic cleanser and pick a lightweight moisturizer. Always wear SPF during the day but select one that’s sheer or mineral.

Try to minimize how much makeup you wear – especially on holiday – and avoid thick foundations that prevent your skin from breathing well.

To treat acne at home, use spot-busting formulas such as a glycolic cleanser in the morning and retinol at night.

The BP Acne Gel 10% Spot Treatment from Replenix is scientifically formulated to treat existing blemishes and future breakouts using benzoyl peroxide.

Developed by dermatologists, the formula containing highly purified, medical-grade benzoyl peroxide will help you on your journey to clear, glowing skin.

If your acne is severe or bothering you significantly, you may want to visit your dermatologist, who may prescribe you antibiotics or oral treatments like spironolactone or isotretinoin.

Another over-the-counter option for clear skin is the Tuel Let’s Be Clear Here Gel Cleanser. This powerful daily face wash is brimming with natural astringents like cajeput, witch hazel, and rosemary that help treat breakouts and prevent future blemishes. The formula also controls excess oil and purifies clogged pores. Goodbye acne!

Do you want more summer skincare advice? Here’s how to choose the perfect sunscreen.