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Bring Your Hair to Life: Introducing Living Proof at Skin Elite

Posted by Nikki Wisher on Apr 9th 2024

Bring Your Hair to Life: Introducing Living Proof at Skin Elite

You probably know Skin Elite as your source for high-quality skin care products, your friend who always gives you the inside scoop on skin care. But we don’t just know skin – we know hair, too! And we know that quality hair care products are just as important as quality skin care products. That’s why we’re thrilled to now offer a selection of Living Proof hair care products at Skin Elite.

Who is Living Proof?

Living Proof is a renowned hair care brand that specializes in cutting-edge research and science-based hair care. This brand tosses out old assumptions and guesswork and hits the lab instead, so you know that everything in their products is there for a reason.

Living Proof was founded in 2005 as a beautiful collaboration between biotechnology scientists from MIT and respected hairstylists. They merged their knowledge together and took off on a journey to solve modern-day hair problems with research-based solutions. Living Proof is all about solving your hair problems, not just masking them.

Nearly 20 years later, Living Proof’s mission is holding strong. Today, they offer dozens of products for general and specialized hair needs and they have packed their shelves with over 200 industry awards.

Why We’re Welcoming Living Proof to the Skin Elite Family

If you’re familiar with Skin Elite, you know that we’re all about premium quality products that prioritize health. Living Proof checks all those boxes and then some. This stellar brand is respected throughout the industry and is backed by intensive research and reputable science. Ultimately, our goal is to offer brands and products that our customers can trust, and Living Proof talks the talk and walks the walk.

Top Living Proof Products to Get to Know the Brand

Now that you know what Living Proof is all about, here’s the big question: what can it do for your hair? The only way to find out is to give it a try! Check out these top products to get acquainted with Living Proof and what they bring to the table.

Perfect hair Day Dry Shampoo

True to their science-based roots, one of the primary product collections from Living Proof is their PhD…Perfect hair Day. The PhD dry shampoo is a bestselling favorite, and it’s the perfect go-to for those days when your hair needs a refresh but a full wash and dry just isn’t in the schedule. Available with either Living Proof’s original formula or their Advanced Clean formula, this dry shampoo doesn’t just cover up hair buildup but it actually cleans it, removing oil, dirt, and other debris. Just spray, wait 30 seconds, and then shake it out and go about your day.

Restore Shampoo and Conditioner

While Living Proof has plenty of specialized hair care products, amazing hair starts with great essentials: shampoo and conditioner that is high-quality and is designed around your hair needs. Restore Shampoo and Restore Conditioner are the perfect pair if your hair has been damaged by, well, just about anything – heat, bleaching, chemical treatment, you name it. This shampoo and conditioner repairs, smooths, and protects hair so your hair both looks and feels healthier.

Triple Bond Complex

While Restore Shampoo and Conditioner are great for reviving damaged hair, sometimes your hair needs a little extra kick, and that’s exactly what the Triple Bond Complex is for. This hair mask and leave-in treatment, ideal for some weekly TLC, builds stronger bonds in your hair. Translation: this mask repairs hair damage and makes hair 8 times stronger, protecting your hair from heat damage and breakage.

Hello Hydration Discovery Kit

If you have dry hair, you won’t for long thanks to the Hello Hydration Discovery Kit. This premium kit brings you a full hair care routine that is designed to refresh and reinvigorate dry hair. The kit includes PhD Shampoo, PhD Conditioner, No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream, and PhD Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo. All of these products are in trial sizes so you can try out the routine and see if it’s the right fit for your hair.

Experiencing Living Proof Hair Care from Skin Elite

Skin Elite is all about bringing you the best of the best in skin care and hair care, so Living Proof is the perfect addition to our line-up of brands and products. Shop our Living Proof products and see if Living Proof can breathe new life into your hair.