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Here's The Tea: The Benefits of Green Tea For Your Skin

Posted by Nikki Wisher on Dec 6th 2022

Here's The Tea: The Benefits of Green Tea For Your Skin

Let’s take a shared moment to nerd out: nature is utterly amazing. There are so many natural plants that have incredible powers, fulfilling just about any need we might have. If there’s something your body needs, chances are that you can find it right in the ground. How cool is that?

One of those natural wonders is green tea. It’s not just a drink for soothing sipping. It’s actually one of the most effective natural ingredients for your skin, and not for just one reason but because it holds a variety of skin-enhancing powers. Join me for a stroll through the gallery of what green tea can do for your skin.

Benefits of Green Tea for Skin

Trying to soothe redness and inflammation? Resolve acne? Maintain a younger look? Ward off skin cancer? For just about any skin goal, green tea can be part of your action plan.

Keeping Inflammation to a Minimum

Redness and inflammation is one of the most frustrating skin concerns because you can rarely pin down the cause, so it becomes a continuous problem that persists for years. Green tea could help you finally get it under control. It’s packed with natural antioxidants, and antioxidants are effective anti-inflammatories.

Reducing a Top Cause of Premature Aging: Sun Damage

You read that right: the sun is responsible for a huge amount of premature aging, and potentially the bulk of it, according to some research. It’s always important to wear sunscreen daily to prevent sun damage as much as possible, but green tea can play a part as well. The antioxidants in green tea help to repair some of the effects of the sun before it becomes long-term damage.

Battling Two Common Causes of Acne

It’s not well-known outside of the dermatology and skin care industry but different people can have acne that is caused by different issues. Some cases of acne are caused by your body producing too much sebum (skin oil), some by bacteria, some by a combination of both, and so on. This is part of the reason why acne treatments work for some people but not others.

The beauty of green tea is that it addresses both excess sebum and acne-causing bacteria. Green tea kills the type of bacteria that tends to spark acne, and it also reduces your levels of the hormones that stimulate your gland to produce too much sebum.

Lowering Your Risk for Skin Cancer

Green tea combats the damaging effects of sun exposure but that goes beyond helping you look young. By minimizing sun damage, the antioxidants in green tea lower your risk of developing skin cancer.

Managing Skin Hydration

Dry skin is a common problem, especially throughout the colder months when the air is dry, but green tea can help. Green tea allows your skin to more easily retain moisture so it doesn’t dry out so quickly. This is why you’ll see green tea in some moisturizers, but you can also benefit from adding green tea into other components of your skin care routine while using your favorite moisturizer.

Facilitating Healthy Exfoliation

For your skin to look and feel its best, it needs to be a revolving door of dead skin cells sloughing off and new skin cells coming in. Green tea makes this easier. Green tea contains caffeine, and that caffeine stimulates your skin’s natural exfoliation so you’ll shed dead skin cells more easily.

Top Picks for Green Tea Skin Care

Green tea is used in countless types of skin care products, so how can you start incorporating it into your skin care routine? Each person needs to find the products that are best suited to their skin, but these are my top picks to start with.

FOREO UFO Green Tea Mask

A green tea face mask is soothing and repairative, so it’s perfect for a relaxing spa night or a routine skin treatment. The FOREO UFO Green Tea Mask is an excellent choice that’s simple to use.

Murad Clarifying Cleanser

Green tea in a cleanser can calm your inflammation and redness while also giving you the power of those exquisite antioxidants. Check out the Murad Clarifying Cleanser if you find that cleansers tend to irritate your skin.

Revision Teamine Eye Complex

The area around your eyes is particularly prone to premature aging, and one of the best ways to keep it at bay is Revision Teamine Eye Complex. This rich, specialized cream combines green tea with other powerful rejuvenating ingredients.

Replenix Caffeine Fortified Calming Serum

Caffeine might stimulate your brain but it has a calming effect on your skin. You can see that first-hand with the soothing Replenix Caffeine Fortified Calming Serum. Use it in your skin care routine after your cleanser but before your moisturizer.

A Word of Caution Against DIY Green Tea Skin Care

When people hear about all the ways green tea can benefit their skin, they often say, “Hey, I have some green tea bags right here, so can’t I just use those?” There are also recipes out there for DIY green tea face masks.

While sometimes these home remedies will be fine, they’re always a gamble because you don’t know if there are ingredients or materials in them that are risky for skin. After all, they weren’t meant to be used on skin. You also don’t know how the ingredients will interact with your other skin care products and your specific skin needs.

As tempting as it may be to DIY it, it’s always better to use an expertly formulated skin care product than to try to create your own and potentially end up with an infection or other skin injury.

Instead, shop the green tea skin care products above and so many more to see if green tea is the savior your skin was missing.