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The Benefits of Using Clay Masks

Posted by Ellie Swain on Apr 8th 2022

The Benefits of Using Clay Masks

We’ve seen the images and videos on Instagram of women relaxing with a thick clay mask applied to the skin and cucumber slices over the eyes. The clay mask is now pretty much famous as social media’s depiction of ‘self-care’.

Clay masks have rocketed in popularity in the beauty world, and nowadays, they come in all types of varieties and hues.

But do clay masks really work, and how beneficial are they? Keep reading to find out.

What Do Clay Masks Do?

Clay masks help to detoxify the skin, drawing out impurities and oils. They’re especially helpful for people with acne or oily-prone skin. Not only that, but believe it or not, clay is hydrating, too.

Plus, clay masks are excellent at banishing that annoying, excess shine that many get.

The Benefits of Clay Masks

Right, let’s get onto the many benefits of clay masks.

Clears Skin

Throughout the day, dirt, oil, and pollution collect on the surface of your skin. Dead skin cells can also build up on the skin’s surface. If all this build-up isn’t properly removed, breakouts can develop.

Clay masks can help banish any build-up lingering on the skin. The charcoal in clay masks functions like a magnet to deep-cleanse pores and target impurities.

Use a clay mask two or three times a week to clear dead skin cells and purify your complexion of excess oil.

Brightens the Complexion

If your complexion looks a tad dull, brighten it up with a clay face mask.Skin dullness is often due to a lack of proper exfoliation and skin maintenance.

But using a high-quality clay mask for ten minutes a few times a week can give you that much-needed boost of radiance.

Refines Pores

You can’t get rid of your pores, but you can certainly reduce their appearance of them. If your pores are looking a little too large for your liking, a clay mask can help minimize them.

A good clay mask can treat rough skin, deeply clean clogged pores, and polish the complexion for a smoother appearance.


Your skin is a sucker for moisture, and clay masks give your complexion a boost of hydration.

If you’ve ever experienced dry, thirsty, scaly skin with an ashy appearance, it’s clear your skin needs some help with hydration.

However, it’s essential to know that only a few variants of clay can help with hydration – some types can actually hinder dryness.

Keep your eye out for clay masks that contain sodium hyaluronate and glycerine, which are excellent ingredients for hydrating the skin.

Restores Balance

If your skin seems to be both dry and oily in different places, you may have combination skin, which may feel confusing to treat.

Thankfully, a clay mask can help treat combination skin tones, balancing the complexion. Plus, unlike other masks, clay won’t leave the skin overly dry or irritated.

Clay is a multi-tasking ingredient that helps you address various skincare concerns at once for the ultimate convenience.

Finally, clay masks don’t just provide beauty benefits. Sitting back and unwinding with a clay mask applied to your skin can be totally relaxing, helping to brighten your mood.

It’s time to lie back with a clay mask to indulge in some much-needed self-care time while enjoying the skincare benefits they deliver.

Our Favorite Clay Masks

As one of the beauty world’s trending products, there are a ton of clay masks available to purchase. Here are some of our best-recommended

Bioelements Restorative Clay Mask

The Bioelements Restorative Clay Mask uses a natural clay base that works like a vacuum to absorb dirt and excess oil to visibly improve the appearance of pores. Meanwhile, adaptogenic plant extract smooths the skin’s texture and hydrates thirsty skin.

With consistent use, expect fresh, healthy, and bright skin.

Revision Pore Purifying Clay Mask

Revision Pore Purifying Clay Mask is an intensive, purifying solution that thoroughly cleans the skin, removing excess sebum, impurities, and other toxins. The skin is left super fresh, soft, and smooth.

Natural exfoliators in the mask encourage cell turnover for glowing, radiant skin while also treating the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Anti-inflammatory agents calm, soothe, and heal the skin. Plus, the mask smells heavenly, as it’s naturally scented with invigorating peppermint.

Tuel Detox Clay Mask

Take your skin to rehab with the Tuel Detox Clay Mask and purge your pores with this mineral-rich mask and acne treatment in one.

The fast-acting formula battles breakouts, with kaolin clay and sulfur working together to absorb oil and sebum while killing blemish-causing bacteria. Meanwhile, zinc oxide aids healing and aloe and vitamin E soothe and condition the skin.

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